I’m not even sure brown lips can be considered a trend anymore, more a revolution. Either way, I’ve picked out my top four products to get you that nineties pout, with something to suit all styles. And yes, I do desperately want a Kylie Lip Kit, let’s not talk about it.

Probably the closest to a Kylie Jenner is the NYX Liquid Suede Liquid Lipstick in 07 Sandstorm. I’ve seen mixed reviews of the liquid suede formula however I’m a big fan and I’m looking to expand my collection before doing a full review on here. Until then, it’s an easy application, dries completely matte and fails to budge. This is a wearable brown shade which doesn’t look like you’ve smeared chocolate on your face, my favourite type.

For something more everyday office appropriate the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 728 Honey Beige is a good shout. I love this paired with the Rimmel Cappuccino Lip Liner which just so happens to be next in the firing line. I’ll let the swatches do the talking…

Finally, MAC Whirl is one of those colour everyone’s got in either the pencil or lipstick formula, and is the epitome of nineties brown shades. This does drag the lips a little more than a liquid formula like the NYX however isn’t a shade I find to be particularly drying with occasional balm between applications, it does, however show flaky bits and so for best results use post scrub.

Do you wear brown lipstick?


cos wishlistThere’s something refreshing about COS. I’m not sure if its the way the stores are laid out, the quality of the pieces or the simplistic style but something is causing COS and I to have a moment.

Now the majority of the garments are more expensive than what i’d usually shell out for a top or a pair of socks but after somewhat of an epiphany I have decided that quality is so much better than quantity and that i’ll use more money on staple, timeless investment pieces rather than parting with £30-£40 on a trend frock.

Contrary to all of that, upon a recent lustful wander I picked up the red stripe tunic for only £19 – not even sale price – and I am made up with it. It looks lovely with everything I own and is a fantastic and welcome addition to my other 10 stripe tops. To go with it, I picked up the necklace for only £7 (again, full price). I love COS jewellery because it’s so dainty and classic and looks a lot more expensive than it is. I have a ring and a bracelet from previous shopping trips, both of which are in the same brushed copper effect metal with the grey/silver thread.

My style is evolving at the moment. I always struggle with summer dressing because 1. Its never really that sunny here and 2. I feel most comfortable in black skinny jeans and a long sleeved tee. This summer, however, I’m making an effort to let my style evolve and welcoming crisp cottons, white and potentially the odd pop of colour (no the wishlist isn’t all black, your eyes are in fact deceiving you). I love the straight, simple cuts of COS clothing and the fact that they are timeless and effortless. I’m dreaming of a perfectly streamlined minimalist wardrobe for the coming months. I might even get round to having a clear out.

You can find my purchases along with all of my wishes here feel free to treat me

hair inspo

All images via Google – Top Right thebeautydepartment.com

So my next haircut is in the diary and I cant wait to take the chop. I’m dreaming of swishy blunt waves and thick healthy ends in the shape of the current ‘it’ cut – the long bob.

I had a long bob cut in this time last year but it grew out because of my lack of pamper trips. I’m looking forward to collar bone length locks being my thing again. I’m seeing endless pictures on Instagram and how to’s on other blogs the bedhead waves; the perfect way to make what can be a blunt haircut a little bit softer and more feminine. just my cup of tea.

So, following a good wash i’m going to be leaving a few inches on the floor. Wig anyone?There’s something so exciting about going for a haircut and having more than a trim. A new style which will frame my face and hopefully make me look a little bit more mature as i enter my twenties (AARGH!) forever an eight year old.

Being a beauty obsessive I am of course looking forward to trying out different products for my new style and am contemplating the creation of another wishlist on the matter.

Would you take the chop?

I was so excited to recieve my first ever goodie bag from the fashion and beauty industry, and boy was it a good one. Filled with beauty treats and sweet temptations this was far better than my childhood experiences of squashed birthday cake and a packet of crayons. The goodie bag in question is the one from this seasons London fashion weekend event which I was able to attend. The event is basically for people who want to go to London fashion week but aren’t Victoria Beckham so instead attend the consumers version, enjoy catwalks and pick up hot off the runway garments at discount prices. 

The goodie bag itself was created by Scottish brand Pringle, in celebration of their 200th birthday and was adorned with knitted print and the signature fashion week logo. Inside, we were treated to this months edition of Hello fashion, something which I’ve only recently spotted on the shelves of my local shop and therefore something I’m guessing is quite new? Either way it’s a great read and has lovely pictures for style inspiration. We also received some food bits including a £25 hello fresh voucher, some strawberry snacks from urban fruit, a Baileys chocolate bar and a bag of Lavazza coffee. Beauty wise the bag came containing the Maybelline colossal volume express mascara in the cat eye edition (excited), Essie nail polish in ruffles and feathers, a Label M protein hair spray, some Garnier facial wipes and a packet of Kleenex tissues.

I feel like my birthday came early and I can’t wait to try out the beauty bits and consume the tasty snacks. Reviews will of course be up soon.