nyx liquid suede nyx swatches

NYX Liquid Suede £6.50 each

Ooh, isn’t that title misleading…

My point is, in short, that these are my alternative to paying ££ plus ££ postage and potential ££ customs charge for a Kylie lip kit, when I can, essentially achieve the same look with these beauties.

So I’ve added to my NYX liquid suede collection, and as expected i’m far from disappointed with my new picks. I opted for Soft Spoken and Tea & Cookies to add to Sandstorm (which is at my mums and therefore unable to feature in this post, but you can see it switched in this post) and with just these three I feel like I’ve got all bases covered, though I do really want the red.

Tea & Cookies is my ideal everyday shade, with a bit more pink than usual. I’d probably not have gone for this one if I hadn’t seen that Sammi from Sammi Maria (or Beautycrush if you’re OT) has it, she is literal goals and I basically buy anything she does. Fangirl, not bovd. 

Soft Spoken is more of a middle shade which bridges the gap between T&C and Sandstorm. Where T&C is pink and Sandstorm is brown, Soft Spoken is pink brown. What more could a girl need?

There is absolutely no variation in the quality of these lip colours between shades, they all apply opaque with just one swipe and are ridiculously long lasting. They dry down matte and are completely transfer proof if you want to be smoochin’ or drinking vino (more likely the latter).

So, to conclude, I’ll not be on Kylie’s website at 3pm PST. At least not today.

I’m not even sure brown lips can be considered a trend anymore, more a revolution. Either way, I’ve picked out my top four products to get you that nineties pout, with something to suit all styles. And yes, I do desperately want a Kylie Lip Kit, let’s not talk about it.

Probably the closest to a Kylie Jenner is the NYX Liquid Suede Liquid Lipstick in 07 Sandstorm. I’ve seen mixed reviews of the liquid suede formula however I’m a big fan and I’m looking to expand my collection before doing a full review on here. Until then, it’s an easy application, dries completely matte and fails to budge. This is a wearable brown shade which doesn’t look like you’ve smeared chocolate on your face, my favourite type.

For something more everyday office appropriate the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 728 Honey Beige is a good shout. I love this paired with the Rimmel Cappuccino Lip Liner which just so happens to be next in the firing line. I’ll let the swatches do the talking…

Finally, MAC Whirl is one of those colour everyone’s got in either the pencil or lipstick formula, and is the epitome of nineties brown shades. This does drag the lips a little more than a liquid formula like the NYX however isn’t a shade I find to be particularly drying with occasional balm between applications, it does, however show flaky bits and so for best results use post scrub.

Do you wear brown lipstick?

collection cosmetics#facethedaycollection face

I recently got my mitts on the Collection #FaceTheDay palette*, amongst some of the brands other best bits and thought what better way to test them out that to shove them all on my face in one go, wear it for a day and see how I feel. In the above images I am wearing entirely Collection Cosmetics aside from my brows which are Sleek’s Brow Kit in Light.

I started off with the Collection Colour Match Foundation in the shade 1 Porcelain*, followed by the Lasting Perfection Concealer in shade 2 Cool Medium*. Following this I filled in my brows before using the eyeshadow shades in the #FaceTheDay palette* to create an everyday smokey look, using the darkest shade to define my lashline and add a subtle wing. I then applied one coat of the Collection Waterproof Volumising Mascara* before using the Bronze shade from #FaceTheDay to contour my face. I then used the blush shade from the palette before swiping on the Speedy Highlight stick* and topping with the highlight shade from the palette for an extra glow. I finished the look with Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in 21 Rosewood*.

Application: I used a beauty blender to apply both the foundation and concealer, as I find that this gives the most natural finish while still making the most out of the coverage offering. I used the lightest shade in the foundation range and it was a little too dark on me, and I didn’t notice it working to match my skintone as the name suggests. Despite this it did blend in well and look fairly uniform across my face. The concealer is a product which I know and love and so I again applied this with a beauty blender over dark circles and redness. The eyeshadows had reasonable pigment and little/no falldown however I did find them to have chunks of glitter as opposed to being buttery and shimmery. The bronze shade was too orange for contouring and instead I had to blend it around the outside of my face for warmth. The blush and highlight products we’re all pleasant to apply and had good pigment. The lipstick was creamy and glided over any dry flaky patches.

Overall Look: The overall look was nice and something which I felt comfortable with, I would’ve liked a more cool toned bronzer to sculpt the face however this is probably personal preference and not something which affected the look too much. My favourite parts were the highlight stick and the lipstick, which is a pinky brown nude which somehow manages to be unlike anything else in my collection.

Signs of Wear: Throughout the day the pigment of the eyeshadow disintegrated and the foundation and concealers oxidized on the skin and started to look shiny – this could, however, be down to me not setting them for the purpose of this post. The mascara didn’t smudge and the blush and highlight stayed put however once the foundation oxidized the bronzer shade was undetectable. The lipstick budged after eating.

I do think that Collection offers cosmetics which are fantastic quality considering the price point however I do think they should cater for a more varied skin-tone and perhaps create a #FaceTheDay palette for Light, Medium and Dark skins as opposed to one shade fits all. This is a look that I would wear again and I will no doubt use some of the products on an everyday basis, particularly the mascara which offers great volume with just one coat.

Do you like Collection?

*PR Samples                    

pink lip editIf you’ve been here from the start (almost one year!) then you might remember the original Pink Lip Edit post, consisting of my favourite shades of the moment. In short, i’ve sacked those off and today will share with you what’s been on my lips in the most recent months. Pink. Pout. Power.

The Gloss: For a subtle sheen through the summer I opted for Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 01. A squeezy tube and fuzzy sponge applicator mean you get the right amount of gloss, colour and product. This offering is perfect for no makeup makeup days or for days when you don’t want to worry about having lipstick on your chin and don’t mind a quick reapplication every few hours. Easy Squeezy.

The Mattes: When it comes to paler shades i’m not usually one for a matte finish, but with Charlotte Tilbury’s Miss Kensington and MAC’s Mehr I changed my ways. Both colours offer a matte finish without feeling at all drying and deliver a fuller more healthy looking lip than any other matte I’ve tried.

The Sheeny Shades: For something a little more satin I opt for Sephora’s Little Treat; a creamy mid pink shade which is great for day or night or I scribble on a load of NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Descanso. These shades are muted while still making a statement with their satin finishes and perky pinkness, great with a cool toned eyeshadow.

The Designer Dolls: I’ve grown a little fond of designer pout polish. Chanel Rouge Coco in Adrienne is the ring leader in this one, a peachy pink offering which is perfect for indecisive days. Marc Jacobs New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel in Understudy followed suit and these pair are secretly my favourites. Don’t tell the others…


Sephora Mandarin MuseSephora Mandarin Muse Swatch

Out of everything in Sephora, this is the thing I wanted to try the most. The creamy, long lasting lip lacquers have taken the beauty industry by storm with everyone and their cat picking up at least one of the shades in the extensive range. I opted for Mandarin Muse, after already finding the perfect red in the form of MAC’s Ruby Woo, this orangey offering boasts coral and red tones with a subtle shimmer and packs a punch in terms of pigment.

The Sephora Lip Lacquer applies like a dream, with a doe foot applicator acting quite the companion for it’s creamy formula. One swipe of the stuff provides enough colour for both daytime and evening wear, dries to a matte finish and feels comfortable on the lips. The first time I wore it I must have asked about 800 times if my lipstick was still on because I’d consumed a jumbo hotdog and couldn’t feel anything. Spoiler Alert: it was.

The longevity of this lacquer is better than anything else i’ve tried, staying put through lunch, dinner and several snacks. The colour is beautiful with natural makeup or when worn with liquid liner… sassy ey!

Priced at 10.95 Euros (about 8 pounds) this is a purse friendly product with an expensive feel, and one you NEED to pick up if you’re near a Sephora anytime soon.

You know sometimes you find a real gem at the drugstore? This was one of those times…

I first tried the Collection Creme Puff in Powder Puff around three and a half years ago when they were first released. I used it up and never purchased another. When I was thinking about posts for this week I remembered how much I’d enjoyed the Powder Puff shade and popped down to Boots to see if they we’re still in existence.

At my local store there were these two shades, Powder Puff and Fairy Cake, but I’m sure there are more in the range. Powder puff is a peachy nude shade while Fairy Cake packs a little more punch and is a brighter pink shade.

The Collection Cream Puffs are a velvety matte finish lip cream. These do look matte on the lips but don’t feel quite as drying due to the creamy consistency of the product. This consistency does mean that they don’t stay put quite as long as something like a matte lipstick from MAC or the NARS velvet matte lip pencils but it does also mean that you don’t have to smother on half a pot of lip balm at the end of the day.

To make these last longer, you could always wear a lip liner underneath on the whole lips, this would also mask the fact that they wear off outwards leaving a lips with a coloured line around them.

Finally, the smell of the Collection Cream Puffs is sweet and vanillary; something which I am a massive fan of, but could easily put some people off.

Have you tried these?

I am so excited about this post! Last weekend I picked up my first ever Charlotte Tilbury makeup product. The Selfridges store at The Trafford Centre has just opened a brand new concession filled with rose gold beauty and of course lovely makeup bits. While I could quite literally have walked out with one of everything (if my bank balance let me) I opted for a fail safe option in the form of a lipstick. You can’t really go wrong with one of those.

I picked up the Matte Revolution lipstick in Miss Kensington; part of the current limited edition collection in collaboration with Norman Parkinson. This lipstick is a lovely natural pretty pink colour (basically the same colour as my lips, totally necessary) and is matte in finish.

The formula is what impressed me the most though. It’s matte and longlasting whilst making lips look fuller and smoother. It’s not at all drying and feels lovely on the lips. I’ve pretty much added the entire colour range to my list…

Hallelujah…hallelujah…hallelujah This is like the Burberry eyeshadow post all over again.
There’s something about luxury makeup that just gets to me; how to comes in a tiny little bag secured with a perfectly tied bow, the divine product packaging, the name or print embossed within… it’s just special, you know?
For my birthday, my lovely boyfriend treated me to something which had been at the very top of my lust list since it’s release a few months back. Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Adrienne is a perfect pink/peach nude which I would imagine would be beautiful on everyone. The finish of it is sheeny-shiny whilst still packing a punch in the pigment department and the formula is a creamy dream. There’s something quite swish about pulling out a Chanel lipstick in the middle of the day that’s a lot more fun than an old drugstore bullet, and the quality, dare I say it, is dramatically better too.
The Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick collection is made up of a number of shades all named after Coco and her closest friends, with the colours representing personalities. Packaged in a sleek black cuboid with gold extras and the traditional CC logo, this collection is a lipstick lovers dream. Coco is next on my list.

Have you tried a Chanel lipstick? Whats top of your beauty lust list?

Today marks the start of the birthday bunch. Over the past week i’ve bought a lot of makeup due to receiving several vouchers and being in a birthday bubble, you know how it is. With a MAC voucher gifted by my boyfriends family, I purchased two lipsticks which were at the top of my wishlist. First into my online basket was Ruby Woo from the retro matte collection. This is a true red which is packed full of pigment and stays put whatever the weather. Its long lasting formula does make it a little drying on the lips but a good helping of lip balm before and after sorts out any dehydration.
Next came Mehr, a matte cool toned pink ish colour which I can’t quite put my finger on. Mehr is a standard matte finish meaning that it’s not as drying as the latter shade and I love this one for everyday wear with a wash of something simple on the lids. This one goes perfectly with Soar lip liner but i’ve been using the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in East end Snob.
MAC lipsticks go up in price more often than I can manage to keep up with and so for now they’re an occasional treat and my go to when a voucher comes into my possession. I love all of the formulas which MAC have to offer and the fantastic range of colours. Have you tried either of these?

   When spring comes around makeup gets lighter, fresher and most of the time more natural looking than the bold lips and smoky eyes of winter. Generally, in winter people wear a lot more makeup and it seems slightly more acceptable to do so. However, today I’m sharing with you three easy bold lip options to pair with spring skin and natural eyes. Not a berry bold in sight.

For something light but that still makes a statement, I’d go for a cool tones barbie-esque pale pink and the one i’m wearing on the left swatch is Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 101. This is a matte shade which packs a lot of punch pigment-wise, one to ease you in I suppose.

In the middle there I’m pouting with the power of the Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Yu. This is a sheeny little number which somehow stays put and again is very opaque. Pair this with winged liner and you’re good to go.

Finally, my favourite shade at the moment is the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Iberico. This is a very orange red shade which is very matte without being drying on the lips. This shade is a suits all colour and I like to wear it with a wash of eyeshadow and lots of bronzer.

Wearing a bold lip in spring might not seem obvious, but there’s no point in having some of your favourite shades collecting dust. Wear them in the evening to ease your self in before going bold in the daytime. You can thank me later.