Finishing uni is fun and exciting, until you realise you’re probably moving away from your friends, your social life and you’ll probably spend a good few months skint and stroppy.

I’ve done it, I’ve finished. God knows how I’ve done but I couldn’t wait for it to be over and now that it is i’d quite like to start it all again. Uni for me was so great, I moaned my way through final year but looking back I’d take it over job seeking any day of the week.

As well as that, I’ve turned 21! I honestly had the best weekend ever of celebrating with all of my favourite people. We hired out a private terrace in Manchester overlooking the city, I created an A* playlist and drunkenly danced the night away. I wore a cute white frock from Zara because I figured there’s no point only wearing white on your wedding day – 21st birthday celebrations are equally as princessy.

I was spoilt rotten and recieved some lovely gifts and some very generous donations to the bank of Abbie and my unhealthy Topshop addiction. It’s very much all gone now but I doubt those who gave it to me wanted it saved for a rainy day… at least I hope not…

I’ve been very much on the move and haven’t actually had an empty suitcase for well over a month now, it’s been packed, unpacked and repacked more times than I care to count and while I moan about the tedious train journeys, I’d moan more if I was sat on my backside doing nothing. I’ve also moved out of my precious flat and I miss it so much! I bid it a fond farewell and was picked up by the mother who helped me stuff my entire life into a Mini. Note to all: Mini’s are not big enough for moving house, I have to go back for the rest of it at some point.

I’ve mentioned this in the last few posts but I’m very much into clothes at the moment, and beauty is taking a bit of a backseat (emphasis on the bit, I’m still more obsessed than is socially acceptable). I’ve also got a strong feeling of wanderlust and in some ways wish I’d saved to have a month or so of travelling before I enter the big wide world, but I didn’t and so that little daydream will have to go on hold. I’m going to put more of a fashion focus on this blog and also perhaps talk a little more about food; another thing I’ve grown more and more fond of. (She says, while setting up a flat lay of makeup… Old dogs etc etc) We’ll see how it goes…

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Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed blogmas (or the 17 days I managed). I’ve taken a much needed rest over christmas and am now fresh and ready for the year. I’ve only just finished my Christmas break really, having stayed at home for over three weeks and working at a local publishers for two, I’m now back at my own flat in Nottingham and ready for whatever the new year throws at me.

This morning, I got up at 8am and went to the gym, of my own accord, and i’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself. I’ve bought a few new bits of clothing for the gym and it’s motivated me massively. How you look does massively affect how you feel and I felt pretty bad ass in my neon pink crop top and matching socks. (Obviously I did wear trousers, but they weren’t pink.)

I haven’t set any new years resolutions, but have set myself some goals to achieve by the year end. The first being to book a trip to New York. It might be that I book it at the very end of the year for the very end of next year but that’s OK. I also want to have abs of steel, I say a six-pack but I don’t want it too defined, so abs of steel will be just fine. If I do well with this whole fitness thing I’ll probably share it on here… if you don’t hear anything, I’ve failed.

I’m going to enter the real world of non student life this year, having been in education for 16 years. It’s a pretty scary prospect but one that i’m excited about and hopefully I’ll be able to achieve great things.

I’m at a bit of a loose end with blogging, in that I don’t really know where I want it to go. I have loads of new products to share with you but I’m not sure how to and so until I’ve got my Mojo back i’m just going to let it be. There’s no point in forcing a post that people will be able to tell isn’t genuine or passionate. You know?

So, if you’re wondering where I am, I’ll be at the gym or knee deep in my dissertation and other final projects. Help.

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I’ve been writing on this little slice of the web for over a year now, and have had my ups and downs. There are days when I have no idea what to say, can’t bear the thought of applying or talking about makeup and there are days where I could easily deliver a four figure word count about one eyeliner. That’s just how it is.

Today’s post was supposed to be a Christmas decor inspiration post, but I’ve come over all reflective so we’ll save that for another day and instead I’ll share with you the five life lessons I’ve learned through blogging.

  1. We’re all small fish in a very big pond. As cliche as this is, we’re all working towards a very similar goal, we all have the same passions and we all specialise in a similar field. It’s important to make yourself a fish with a shiny fin, or a whale…
  2. You don’t have to have the latest high end release to have something to write about. I’m a student and a poor one at that, most months i’m scraping up pennies to pay my electricity bill (internet addict probs) and absolutely cannot go out and spend £50 on a bronzer, but that’s OK. A lot of people can’t do that either and appreciate more when you find the best budget dupe or a drugstore alternative.
  3. It’s not about the numbers. When I first started this blog and had zero followers, I felt useless and like it was pointless me writing. It’s important to remember the reason why you’re blogging which for me is because I wanted a creative outlet to express my passion for the beauty industry and somewhere to keep bits of my writing.
  4. Blogging everyday and juggling a full time uni course is verging on impossible, unless you want to abandon your social life/relationships. We’re eight days into Blogmas and i’m already part of the night before rush. If only I was more organised.
  5. Waiting to take pictures of a product for a post before using it is one of life’s real struggles, and trying to disguise the fact that you just couldn’t wait won’t work. #FirstWorldProbs


It’s that time again where I go on and on and on about what I’ve been up to, just to keep you in the loop.

First things first, I cannot talk about recent life without offering a moment to the very sad happenings in Paris over the weekend. It breaks my heart that the world still has hate and my thoughts go out to everyone affected not only in Paris but worldwide. Perhaps one day we’ll reach world peace.

Last month, (time flies) I popped down to London for the day with my pal Jasmine to attend Stylist Live. If you have no idea what i’m talking about then the magazine you probably have shoved in your face on Wednesday’s commute is called Stylist. It’s a women’s magazine which covers all aspects of lady life and I think it’s pretty fab. Anyway, the team behind the paper pages put on a fantastic four day extravaganza at the Business Design Centre in Islington and it was packed out with shops, speakers and industry insiders. I went on the Friday and got to see makeup maestro’s Pixiwoo as well as Anna (ViviannaDoesMakeup) and Lily (LilyPebbles). I fan girled an embarassing amount at Lily and Anna but I did manage to keep it inside and maintain a cool exterior. Ice cool like a glacier. The pair were really down to earth and so teeny in person; I felt like we were pals. I also managed to fit in a trip to Oxford/Regent/Carnaby Streets and with enabler Jaz by my side did a bit of damage to the old bank balance. All in a days work.

I’ve also begun a fitness thing where I go to Yogalates and Zumba every week and the sad thing is that when I’m not working out, I wish I was… I’ve also been making an effort with what I shovel into my eating hole and have so far made homemade granola, a chickpea curry and have been whizzing up pasta sauce. Call me Nigella. I can’t believe my own words but the gym has given me a new lease of life and while I have only been four times, straight after penning this post i’m off to get sweaty.

It’s true that the final year at Uni is the hardest. You’ve got a pretty heavy workload including the dreaded D word and in the back of your mind you’re messing your pants about what you might be doing this time next year. I think i’ll just snuggle under my duvet.

Last but absolutely not least the holidays are coming! I’m releasing my inner five year old this time around and I’ve been buzzing since September. I love Autumn and Winter and I’m especially excited to get festive this year and spend time with family. Aaah…

lately 1
It’s time for me to bundle together the happenings of the last few weeks/ bore you with details about my life. Enjoy!

1. I’ve just (six days ago) got back from a lovely trip to Paris with my boyfriend! We stayed with some friends near Versailles and looked after their very cute little girl for a few days and had the rest of the time to explore. I went to Sephora pretty much everyday and spent a lot of money. It’s not big and it’s not clever, but it does mean I’ve got lots of new bits to talk about on here!

2. I’ve allowed the fact that my blog has moved and had a redesign to be blown under the carpet, but it should hopefully be looking a lot more professional and be significantly easier to navigate. I also have new buttons in the right hand side for you to find me all over the internet! My really great header is by my friend Isobel (@isobelplatt), she whipped it up without any input from myself and I absolutely love it! I’m now also using and am a self-hosted honey so if you used to follow me on, chances are you no longer follow me, you can do so on Bloglovin using the buttons to the right.

3. I’m on the move! I’m currently very stressed looking for somewhere for Will and I to move to next month. We’ve been really busy recently and when we weren’t it was far too soon to be house hunting on the rental market. I’m taking out my frustration on my bank balance buying lots of pretties for an apartment I don’t even have yet, i’m sure when we do get one i’ll be going interiors crazy on here and on Instagram (@abgldwsn).

4. I have become a planning princess. I recently got a new diary after my other one running out, this time I opted for one by Moleskine with the week to view on the left hand page and a notes section on the right. This means there’ll be a lot less scraps floating about and i’ll hopefully remember everything! There are a lot of exciting posts planned on here and i’m trying to give it a bit of an edge to make it different to the millions of other beauty blogs out there. Stay tuned.

5. My five month break from university is very nearly over and in a few weeks time i’ll be heading into my third and final year. I have no idea what to expect from it but if you’d like to know anything about my university experience so far then do let me know. For reference, I study Journalism at Sheffield Hallam University.

That’s all from me, what have you been up to?

Wow, what an interesting choice of title, doesn’t give much away does it?! I’ve decided to start publishing more on here about normal life, as well as my life as a beauty addict. I think it’s important to be shown the personality behind the fancy wording (I wish) and the makeup mask and so despite these styles not being my most popular types of post, i’m going to write them anyway…

On Friday 22nd May, I turned 20. Gone are the teenage years and it’s hit me like a tonne of bricks that this time next year i’ll have finished university and will be chucked out into the real world like last weeks rubbish. Being young is a definite security blanket and turning 20 has been a real shock to the system in terms of what the next decade of my life might bring.

You may have noticed I’ve made a few minor changes to this area of the world wide web. The support of this blog has been better than I ever imagined and while I don’t have the most followers in the world, you’re all quite loyal and I do notice the same names popping up in my comments. Keep talking to me, I like it. I’ve changed my theme to the grey, mint and white one which you see and I think it’s a little bit more clean cut and suits me better, although, i’ll probably change it again soon. In addition I’ve added in a couple of new categories and have some great ideas for upcoming posts. I’ve also started working with a few brands in order to bring even more content across a wider scope of topics, so watch this space.

Finally, i’m trying to up my health game. Not necessarily to look better but to feel better in my skin. There have been a few crazy things recently which have led to me feeling a little lack lustre and in order to get my mojo back i’m turning to exercise (can you believe it?!) and I’ve also started to improve my diet. I’m taking baby steps but will be sure to update you along the way.

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1. I’m back home for Easter now so have enjoyed spending time with family and friends. My little God son is getting so grown up I love watching him learn new things and grow in confidence.

2. I’ve been enjoying lunch dates (as always) with my friends and of course savouring several mojitos. I’m a real lightweight these days – cheap date I suppose.

3. Next week sees the 21st birthday of my lovely boyfriend aka the boy who has everything so I’m currently very welcome to present suggestions. I can’t wait to surprise him and to enjoy sharing his celebrations.

4. I’m SO in to reading blogs at the moment, I used to be more of a YouTube girl but since writing my own I love nothing more than having a nosey at what everyone else is up to, picking up a few tips along the way.

5. I am, of course, the worst money saver ever and have been spending every spare penny and moment on beauty products. I went shopping with my mama yesterday and she treated me to a few beauty bits including the soap and glory brow pencil and ever coveted Maximillian Strasse Her from essie. I’ve already taken pictures for reviews…

What have you been up to? Anything you’re particularly excited for or have enjoyed? 

hair inspo

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So my next haircut is in the diary and I cant wait to take the chop. I’m dreaming of swishy blunt waves and thick healthy ends in the shape of the current ‘it’ cut – the long bob.

I had a long bob cut in this time last year but it grew out because of my lack of pamper trips. I’m looking forward to collar bone length locks being my thing again. I’m seeing endless pictures on Instagram and how to’s on other blogs the bedhead waves; the perfect way to make what can be a blunt haircut a little bit softer and more feminine. just my cup of tea.

So, following a good wash i’m going to be leaving a few inches on the floor. Wig anyone?There’s something so exciting about going for a haircut and having more than a trim. A new style which will frame my face and hopefully make me look a little bit more mature as i enter my twenties (AARGH!) forever an eight year old.

Being a beauty obsessive I am of course looking forward to trying out different products for my new style and am contemplating the creation of another wishlist on the matter.

Would you take the chop?

This is something I have seen floating around recently but a question asked everyday. Whether it’s someone I’m holding up because I’m perfecting a smokey eye or the person tutting at my amount to pay in the queue at boots. A lot of people think that women wear makeup for men, and I’d be lying if I said they were wrong, however there are so many other reasons why we wear makeup that the tiny fraction of a percentage which that reason makes up is somewhat irrelevant. I wear makeup for me. 

I wear makeup because I love makeup. I wear it because I enjoy the process of getting out of the shower, sitting at my dresser in my towel and picking out products. I enjoy trying out new looks, using makeup as a form of expression or as a work of art. I wear makeup because I can, because my skin doesn’t react with it. I wear makeup because it makes me feel ready for the day, just like putting on my knickers.

Makeup for me is an escape, it’s that much needed me time. Now, don’t get me wrong I get the same feeling from putting on a face mask or having a thorough shave and smothering myself in body lotion. It’s just beauty. Beauty makes me feel beautiful and it makes me feel like me. 

I’m more than happy to roll out of bed and face the day with nothing on my face, I’m exactly the same person. I don’t use makeup as a mask, and I’m lucky to feel confident in my own skin and not have anything which I particularly want to hide. What I do enjoy is accentuating features, and being the best version of me, and makeup helps me get there. 

I don’t wear makeup because my boyfriend wants me to, he’s not bothered, he’s seen me dribbling on his pillow and has stuck around. 

I’m amazed by makeup, it excites me everyday. There’s always new things to try and new techniques to learn and there’s different things for different people. It’s something that anybody can wear and it brings together communities. There are people who wear it as part of a routine, people who wear it to give them a confidence boost, people who wear it as part of their job and we’re all in a bubble of beauty. 

I suppose I wear makeup because I like it. I spend money on it because it interests me. Why do you wear makeup?

I was so excited to recieve my first ever goodie bag from the fashion and beauty industry, and boy was it a good one. Filled with beauty treats and sweet temptations this was far better than my childhood experiences of squashed birthday cake and a packet of crayons. The goodie bag in question is the one from this seasons London fashion weekend event which I was able to attend. The event is basically for people who want to go to London fashion week but aren’t Victoria Beckham so instead attend the consumers version, enjoy catwalks and pick up hot off the runway garments at discount prices. 

The goodie bag itself was created by Scottish brand Pringle, in celebration of their 200th birthday and was adorned with knitted print and the signature fashion week logo. Inside, we were treated to this months edition of Hello fashion, something which I’ve only recently spotted on the shelves of my local shop and therefore something I’m guessing is quite new? Either way it’s a great read and has lovely pictures for style inspiration. We also received some food bits including a £25 hello fresh voucher, some strawberry snacks from urban fruit, a Baileys chocolate bar and a bag of Lavazza coffee. Beauty wise the bag came containing the Maybelline colossal volume express mascara in the cat eye edition (excited), Essie nail polish in ruffles and feathers, a Label M protein hair spray, some Garnier facial wipes and a packet of Kleenex tissues.

I feel like my birthday came early and I can’t wait to try out the beauty bits and consume the tasty snacks. Reviews will of course be up soon.