It seems to me that tinted moisturisers are having a bit of a moment right now. Everyone and their mother is opting for a lighter, fresher base and with BB, CC and even EE creams on the market it difficult to know what does what, which is why I chose to go for one without too many promises. The NARS pure radiant tinted moisturiser offers a sheer, naturally-glowing finish with no other airs and graces. It’s easy to apply with fingers should that be your chosen method but I find it works best with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – my holy grail application product which I’m simply too ashamed by the state of to photograph.

NARS pure radiant tinted moisturiser is suggested for application following a full skin care routine and so despite the name containing the word moisturiser, it should not be used as one. The moisturiser properties give the product a glow, and mean that it doesn’t cling to unsightly dry patches on the skin. It comes in a plethora of shades ranging from very pale to dark skin tones making it a great option for anyone in the market for a light base. It also boasts SPF 30 making it an ideal go to base for the summer months.

The coverage of the NARS pure radiant tinted moisturiser is better than other tinted moisturisers which I have tried but it is by no means a full coverage face product. You can layer this product but to make the most of it I suggest a radiant primer before one thin layer of this for a flawless finish.

Would you ever opt for a sheer base?

Say hello to my new scent, Stella EDT; the little sister of Stella EDP featuring a little bit more rose and a more daytime/spring appropriate smell.

I’d personally describe the scent as girly, floral and fresh but in a mature, sophisticated woman way. I do love the original EDP fragrance but the majority of perfumes give me a headache so this lighter option is right up my street; similar but a little lighter and a lot easier on the old tete. J’adore.

“Stella Eau de Toilette is a fresh and sparkling scent of garden rose. It contains the same notes of amber and rose as the original, but includes additional accords of frozen lemon, mandarin, freesia, peony and violet leaf. It opens with fresh mandarin and frozen lemon, balanced with watery tones of freesia to create a soft, dewy feeling. The floral heart of Bulgarian rose essence with crunchy violet leaves and delicate peony petals, brings a freshness to the fragrance, while amber gris base notes reveal a masculine undertone.”

Whilst being light, the fragrance lasts well on the skin and its base notes mean that it gets better with time. It smells womanly, unlike my usual choices (which are vanilla and sweetshop inspired scents) and so this fragrance is a welcome addition to my collection and has already made its mark at the forefront of my ‘fragrance wardrobe’. Perfect for everyday and evening, Stella is on to a winner with this one. Have you given it a whiff?

Today marks the start of the birthday bunch. Over the past week i’ve bought a lot of makeup due to receiving several vouchers and being in a birthday bubble, you know how it is. With a MAC voucher gifted by my boyfriends family, I purchased two lipsticks which were at the top of my wishlist. First into my online basket was Ruby Woo from the retro matte collection. This is a true red which is packed full of pigment and stays put whatever the weather. Its long lasting formula does make it a little drying on the lips but a good helping of lip balm before and after sorts out any dehydration.
Next came Mehr, a matte cool toned pink ish colour which I can’t quite put my finger on. Mehr is a standard matte finish meaning that it’s not as drying as the latter shade and I love this one for everyday wear with a wash of something simple on the lids. This one goes perfectly with Soar lip liner but i’ve been using the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in East end Snob.
MAC lipsticks go up in price more often than I can manage to keep up with and so for now they’re an occasional treat and my go to when a voucher comes into my possession. I love all of the formulas which MAC have to offer and the fantastic range of colours. Have you tried either of these?

Another day, another brand spanking new topic here on Northern Nancy and this time i’m talking about the things which people don’t usually talk about. I’ve got a few Unspoken Beauty Bits categorised posts coming in the next few weeks (so organised, yipee) but to kick things off today i’m going to give you an insight into caring for scars.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should try to hide scars. Imperfections make you who you are and being comfortable in your own skin is the most important thing. Advance repair scar gel* does work to fade scars, as well as caring for the incredibly sensitive skin of a scar and aid in speeding up the recovery process.

I have been using this product for around 10 days, twice a day and have already noticed a difference in the appearance of a scar on my chest. Suitable for use on old and new scars, the product comes out of the pump a brown/orange colour and has no scent however the colour does transfer onto clothes so pyjamas or a dressing gown are the best options while you wait for the product to sink in. The product is a gel formula which when you rub it onto the skin feels cooling and refreshing, something different to other creams I’ve tried in the past. The gel isn’t greasy, nor does it remain on the surface for long it sinks in with ease and provides results at an impressive rate. I now feel confident using the product on other scars.

Have you tried this product?

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback.

Wow, what an interesting choice of title, doesn’t give much away does it?! I’ve decided to start publishing more on here about normal life, as well as my life as a beauty addict. I think it’s important to be shown the personality behind the fancy wording (I wish) and the makeup mask and so despite these styles not being my most popular types of post, i’m going to write them anyway…

On Friday 22nd May, I turned 20. Gone are the teenage years and it’s hit me like a tonne of bricks that this time next year i’ll have finished university and will be chucked out into the real world like last weeks rubbish. Being young is a definite security blanket and turning 20 has been a real shock to the system in terms of what the next decade of my life might bring.

You may have noticed I’ve made a few minor changes to this area of the world wide web. The support of this blog has been better than I ever imagined and while I don’t have the most followers in the world, you’re all quite loyal and I do notice the same names popping up in my comments. Keep talking to me, I like it. I’ve changed my theme to the grey, mint and white one which you see and I think it’s a little bit more clean cut and suits me better, although, i’ll probably change it again soon. In addition I’ve added in a couple of new categories and have some great ideas for upcoming posts. I’ve also started working with a few brands in order to bring even more content across a wider scope of topics, so watch this space.

Finally, i’m trying to up my health game. Not necessarily to look better but to feel better in my skin. There have been a few crazy things recently which have led to me feeling a little lack lustre and in order to get my mojo back i’m turning to exercise (can you believe it?!) and I’ve also started to improve my diet. I’m taking baby steps but will be sure to update you along the way.

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I’ll just give you a moment to pick up your jaw and to enjoy this products beauty…

In today’s post i’m delivering an ode to my favourite highlighter in the entire world. I know, thats big talk, but if you haven’t tried it then go out and get it before you even finish reading this. Mac Soft and Gentle is part of their Mineralise Skinfinish range and is a golden bronze shimmery glowy pan of goodness. The product gives a subtle glow to the skin when applied with some shimmer but absolutely no glitter. The texture of the powder is buttery and creamy meaning that it applies and blends like a dream. I could literally blow it’s trumpet forever.

Housed in a slick black compact with magnetic closure, this product if perfect for a makeup collection, makeup bag and for travel as it’s housed so securely. I like to wear this on the tops of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose to highlight and I have received several compliments when wearing it throughout the whole year.

Have you tried this highlight?

   When spring comes around makeup gets lighter, fresher and most of the time more natural looking than the bold lips and smoky eyes of winter. Generally, in winter people wear a lot more makeup and it seems slightly more acceptable to do so. However, today I’m sharing with you three easy bold lip options to pair with spring skin and natural eyes. Not a berry bold in sight.

For something light but that still makes a statement, I’d go for a cool tones barbie-esque pale pink and the one i’m wearing on the left swatch is Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 101. This is a matte shade which packs a lot of punch pigment-wise, one to ease you in I suppose.

In the middle there I’m pouting with the power of the Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Yu. This is a sheeny little number which somehow stays put and again is very opaque. Pair this with winged liner and you’re good to go.

Finally, my favourite shade at the moment is the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Iberico. This is a very orange red shade which is very matte without being drying on the lips. This shade is a suits all colour and I like to wear it with a wash of eyeshadow and lots of bronzer.

Wearing a bold lip in spring might not seem obvious, but there’s no point in having some of your favourite shades collecting dust. Wear them in the evening to ease your self in before going bold in the daytime. You can thank me later.

As I swim deeper into the skincare sea, I’m discovering and trying out a load of products which I would never have thought to use on my dry skin before. I have dry, dehydrated skin and so anything which renews or is acidic would previously have been shunned. However, with dry, dehydrated skin comes dull, tired skin too which needs a pick me up every now and then so a number of months ago I picked up this overnight peel from superdrug. It was un believably well priced and to cut a long story short is a fantastic product.

Containing glycolic acid, this peel works overnight to renew the skin and awaken it’s natural glow whilst improving its tone and texture. It isn’t at all drying nor does it strip skin of any moisture, it simply renews the surface making a better base for further skincare and makeup.

Have you tried any peels?

It’s no secret that I love lip balm. Not only do I love what they do but for some reason I’ve formed an impressive collection which i’m a little bit too proud of. I suppose you could say i’m somewhat a lip balm connoisseur and if you need to borrow one when out and about, i’m your woman. I have somewhere around 20 in total and they have a dedicated space in my makeup collection (I sound like a crazy lip balm lady, oh no). Today i’m going to share with you the best of my collection, the one’s I repurchase when they run out and the ones which come up top trumps in the imaginary lip balm awards.

Joint top come the Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm in both the pot and the stick form. These contain honey and ‘precious oils’ and smell like lemon curd. They deliver a matte finish to the lips when applied making them perfect for over or under lipstick and do an unbeatable job at repairing, nourishing and hydrating dry/cracked/chapped lips. Gold stars for the both of them.

Next in line is my go to for serious SOS stress in the lip department. When my lips are sore, cut or need a very very quick fix I always pick out Blistex Medplus. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing package but what’s inside packs one hell of a menthol punch and sorts out the worst lip conditions imaginable.

Third to the throne is the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula lip butter in the squeeze tube/gloss form. This one smells amazing (chocolate and peppermint) and does a great job of nourishing not too dry lips while providing a subtle gloss. This is the one I usually find in the bottom of my handbag and it’s applicator makes it super simple to apply on the go.

Finally, the outsider if you will, LUSH Cosmetics Bubblegum Lip Scrub. I like all of the lip scrubs and i’m desperate to try the popcorn one but I never finish one of these pots before the expiry date. This pink pot of goodness exfoliates lips ridding them of unsightly dry/flaky bits providing a smooth base for a balm or a lipstick. The sugar and oil formula gently buffs the lips while still providing nourishment and tasting delicious.

What’s your favourite lip balm?

         Here’s something that might shock you, I only own one Urban Decay palette. It’s the Naked 2 and while I often daydream about having the full collection including both of the basics offerings, in reality Naked 2 is the one for me and I know i’d rarely use the others on myself. (We all know I am lying and will probably go out and buy all of the others within the next week). Anyway, I digress. Naked 2 is the cool toned lovers dream, featuring 12 extremely pigmented, minimal fallout shades varying between matte and shimmer finishes.

I do love a Suspect (shimmery taupe) on an everyday level and Half Baked (gold) for something special but what I mostly pull out this palette for is to create a purple smokey eye. To do this I begin with the Maybelline 24hour Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold as a light creamy base and then pack on YDK (shimmer lilac) with the actually half decent accompanying brush. For day time I pop a little bit of Tease (matte lilac) through the crease and be done with it but for an evening look or a more dramatic day look (as pictured) I add the shade Busted (deep shimmer purple) to the outer corner and along the lash line. This is such a simple and effective way to create a purple smoky eye; something I think looks wonderful on green and brown eyes in particular but I’m sure other eyes could rock. As with any smoky eye, lots of mascara is essential and for the images I wore a lot of Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara which I still simply adore.

What do you think of this look? Is there another Naked palette I need?