To put it bluntly, this mascara is the bees knees and the cats whiskers.

As far as drugstore mascaras go, this one is pretty much top of my love list, despite having a number of affairs with it’s competitors. I really like Max Factor products however I did overlook them for a while thinking they weren’t very current or aimed at young people. They’ve recently brought out a plethora of newbies which have changed my mind, and it’s pretty evident that they’re trying to reach out to a younger market.

Anyway, this mascara comes in sleek matte black packaging (I love matte packaging, it’s so chic) with the trademark gold label. I’m 99% sure there’s a waterproof offering too but I pick up the original formula in the shade black. The wand comprises plastic bristles, something which I usually steer way clear of, however there are plenty meaning that you have no trouble gripping the lashes and giving them a thorough coat.

You do have to apply a fair bit of this to achieve the look in the pictures above, however I always do apply a lot of mascara anyway to ensure my lashes are full and long. This mascara does give it’s suggested false lash effect look, and I think the lashes look exceptionally fluttery.

Have you tried this?

You know sometimes you find a real gem at the drugstore? This was one of those times…

I first tried the Collection Creme Puff in Powder Puff around three and a half years ago when they were first released. I used it up and never purchased another. When I was thinking about posts for this week I remembered how much I’d enjoyed the Powder Puff shade and popped down to Boots to see if they we’re still in existence.

At my local store there were these two shades, Powder Puff and Fairy Cake, but I’m sure there are more in the range. Powder puff is a peachy nude shade while Fairy Cake packs a little more punch and is a brighter pink shade.

The Collection Cream Puffs are a velvety matte finish lip cream. These do look matte on the lips but don’t feel quite as drying due to the creamy consistency of the product. This consistency does mean that they don’t stay put quite as long as something like a matte lipstick from MAC or the NARS velvet matte lip pencils but it does also mean that you don’t have to smother on half a pot of lip balm at the end of the day.

To make these last longer, you could always wear a lip liner underneath on the whole lips, this would also mask the fact that they wear off outwards leaving a lips with a coloured line around them.

Finally, the smell of the Collection Cream Puffs is sweet and vanillary; something which I am a massive fan of, but could easily put some people off.

Have you tried these?

Check out my swish image. It’s basically irrelevant to the post but it’s pretty and we all know that always comes before practical, right?

Today’s post is the second in my Budget Beauty bunch and comes in the form of a pretty expansive drugstore/high street beauty wishlist. I love making wishlists because it feels like shopping but I haven’t actually spent anything, it’s only about a week later when I’ve collectively bought all of the items when they become a problem…

I’ll work in brand order, because I like that and we’ll start with Bourjois. Now, Bourjois is a brand which I love. My early memories of Bourjois (is that a thing?) are the little round pot blushes which in my opinion are a tad too shimmery for a flush of colour but do look exceptionally pretty sat on your dressing table. I love their base options, I’ve tried a few including the Healthy Mix Serum and that’s only made it onto the list because I want another. In regards to new releases, Bourjois have hit the nail on the head with the latest launch, the Aqua Blush has snook its way to the top of my shopping list pretty quickly and I’m currently coveting Inge-nude. I’m super keen to try some of their lip product, with my only past experience being a tiny lip gloss phone charm I had on an old flip phone (omg). On my list is the Rouge Edition Velvet in Red Pepper and Happy Nude Year.

Next up I’ve recently been wandering over to the L’Oreal stand a little too much and getting all heart eyed over their La Palette Nude, in both shades, of course. These are sleek in packaging and stunning in product, I can’t wait to get my hands on them. I’m also keen to try the new lipgloss launches and the entire Lumi Magique line. Glowy Skin be mine.

Maybelline seem to be extending their line recently, with Mollie King fronting the UK Campaign and the launch of the blogger-must-have Master Sculpt kit. I’m obviously after that, along with their Baby Skin Anti Fatigue primer and the expected Roller Lash dupe Lash Sensational.

Finally Max Factor‘s Creme Puff Blushes have taken the industry by storm with everyone and their mother loving them. An expected dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes, I’ve got my eye on the shade Nude Mauve.

What are you currently coveting? Have you tried any of these products?

Could I possibly take any more pictures of a sponge?! I think not.
Today marks the beginning of Budget Beauty Week (You know I love a good category). Basically this was completely unplanned but while procrastinating working hard at my current Editorial job I decided that there’s nothing better to get me back in the blogging game than committing to seven posts this week, all circling the budget beauty world.

While I love wandering around Selfridges looking at all of the pretties, I do also love popping into Boots (beats Superdrug everytime) and filling up my basket to be surprised and how much a 3 for 2 can save you and with lots of Advantage points to spend on my next meal deal. I should probably save them up for something more glam I know.

Away from the drugstore, I’m kicking off this week with my search for a BeautyBlender dupe. I’ve probably spent as much if not more money trying to find a copy than the cost of the real deal, but it’s worth a try I suppose.

I picked up this pretty pink number from Primark for £1.50 after seeing it in a few haul videos. This is a similar shape to the original and comes in a pale shade rather than the original bright pink.
Unfortunately, the similarities end with the shape. This sponge does not expand when placed under running water, nor does it soften making application of foundation and concealer almost impossible. The usual dabbing technique (technical term there) which I use with my Real Techniques offering is too harsh on the face and it basically feels like you are repeatedly punching yourself in the face.
In addition, while the sponge doesn’t absorb water, it does take in a lot of liquid makeup product, meaning that if push came to shove and you needed to use it, you’d be using twice as much product as usual.

I don’t mean to begin the week a negative nancy, but I assure you my search for the perfect sponge will continue…

I am so excited about this post! Last weekend I picked up my first ever Charlotte Tilbury makeup product. The Selfridges store at The Trafford Centre has just opened a brand new concession filled with rose gold beauty and of course lovely makeup bits. While I could quite literally have walked out with one of everything (if my bank balance let me) I opted for a fail safe option in the form of a lipstick. You can’t really go wrong with one of those.

I picked up the Matte Revolution lipstick in Miss Kensington; part of the current limited edition collection in collaboration with Norman Parkinson. This lipstick is a lovely natural pretty pink colour (basically the same colour as my lips, totally necessary) and is matte in finish.

The formula is what impressed me the most though. It’s matte and longlasting whilst making lips look fuller and smoother. It’s not at all drying and feels lovely on the lips. I’ve pretty much added the entire colour range to my list…

Helllooooo, just here to be your fairy godmother/ knight in shining armour and inform you that If you’ve been wanting to try out the new St Tropez in shower gradual tan (and who hasn’t?!) then you should pick up this months issue of InStyle magazine. 

I think this is UK only so sorry to my overseas amigos but if you are from grande Bretagne then maybe you’ll be just as excited as me about this great freebie. 

The magazine is £3.99 but if you live near a tesco you can snap it up for only £2.50. It’s a cracking read too! 

I’m sure there’ll be a review up next week. 

Ta ta for now! *swishes magic wand*


When everyone’s favourite acrylic storage store released it’s new skin care line, I was of course interested to try it. I’m always wary when non cosmetic stores broaden their horizons into the beauty industry as often there are a number of nasties on the ingredients list. With MUJI skincare, there are absolutely no perfumes, alcohol, parabens or mineral oils – hip hip hooray!

I think the range is exclusive to Selfirdges for the moment, so I popped into The Trafford Centre store and perused the selection. The range is made up of three sections; sensitive, moisture and high moisture and is created in Japan. I picked up three items, and attempted to span an entire skincare routine. I chose the Moisture Face Soap, the Moisture Moisturising Milk and the Light Toning Water.

Lets start with the bad news; the Moisture Face Soap is really terrible. I attempted to use this as a cleanser, it came out as a thick paste and when mixed with water became a thick white cream. It’s very sticky on the skin and stings if it’s within a centimetre of your eyes. In short, I felt like I had conjunctivitis on my whole face. This doesn’t remove makeup and is generally crap all round.

Pushing negative Nancy to one side, the other two products are definitely worth a try. The Light Toner worked wonders on a little skin problem I had, refined the texture of my skin with its light acid and hydrated slightly. This is a great toner with a fantastic price point and i’ll definitely be going back for big moma. I sometimes think that toners with acid are a bit strong for everyday use on my dry skin but this one is light and refreshing.

The moisture milk is a great moisturiser for these summer months where I don’t need a cream that’s quite as thick (I’ll probably opt for the more moisturising range in the winter). It’s light enough that it sinks in quickly while packing enough punch in terms of hydration and nourishment. I used this at night the first day I got it and woke up with my skin looking plump, glowy, hydrated and fresh – a welcome change to my sometimes dull complexion.


The other day, I was strolling around Boots in an attempt to waste time (never a good idea) and ended up being sucked in by one of the ladies on the Bumble and bumble counter. I’ve never tried any of their products before due to never really being too bothered about my hair (oops) but recently my locks have been a little lack lustre and I’ve craved texture and height like never before.

I basically conducted a thorough interview with the poor lady and asked more questions than was entirely necessary. She wowed me with her words and convinced me with a demonstration that I couldn’t leave the store without the Surf Spray and their Thickening Dry Spun Finish spray.

I opted for minature sizes because 1. they’re really cute and 2. I like to try out little bits before splashing out.

The Thickening Dry Spun Finish spray is another of those products which somehow lifts the hair offering insane amounts of volume without the hair feeling crispy or like it has a lot of product in. A spritz of this through the top of the hair and you’re looking at sky high roots and an airy texture throughout the rest. This product gives second day life to first day flat hair without sacrificing cleanliness. What amazed me the most is that the day after this had been spritzed in by the lovely Boots lady, i just had to puff my hair up a little bit with my hands and yesterdays volume was restored. I’ve never tried the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray but I’d imagine that this performs in a very similar way and I already regret not picking up the big one.

The surf spray is what I always think of when I hear the name Bumble and bumble. This is a salt water spray which offers beach waves without having to actually go in the sea and get cold. Bb say that you can apply this to either wet or dry hair. I personally find it better on dry hair, because it goes less crunchy and because I like to use quite nourishing products before I blow dry – and this is definitely not one of those. Obviously spraying salt on your hair is going to be quite drying, but you don’t need to use a lot of this nor do you need to use it everyday. Similarly to the aforementioned spray, this one stays put and means you barely have to lift a finger when you’re dealing with second day hair.

Have you tried these? What are your favourite Bumble and bumble products?

So I might be 10 days too late with this one, but it’s better late than never ey?! Today I’m sharing with you the best bits from June’s beauty bouquet. It’s short and sweet this time around with the start of the month seeing more no makeup days than usual and a particularly boring spending ban, meaning that while I havent got too much to write home about, the products that made the cut are ones which not even my pyjama wearing, crap TV watching, carb eating self could avoid. Here’s the run down…

The first product on my cosmetics conveyor belt is a complete lie, I didn’t even buy it in June and realistically it should have been saved for this months collection. That said, in the week or so which & Other Stories Fig Fiction Body Mist has been mine I’ve been spritzing it like nobody’s business. A fresh scent which when thrown in your handbag makes a life saver of a product. It’s subtle and light but at the same time does linger. I should have bought the bigger one.

With a recent trip to London and a lot of time on trains and tubes I was washing my hands significantly more which led to them getting dry. For dry hands SOS I turned to The Body Shop’s Wild Rose hand cream. A feminine scent, great packaging and does a good job at nourishing hands quickly and effectively. No slippy mitts here.

To save my skin I have absolutely adored the Vitamin C Serum* from InstaNatural. This promises to hydrate, boost youth and give skin a radiant glow and my face can’t get enough of the stuff. This rids dehydrated skin of that awful tight feeling and makes a great base for any following layers of product. It’s orange coloured and has a fresh orange scent making it a great choice for mornings due to it’s awakening properties.

My only makeup pick this month comes in the form of MAC’s Cream Colour Base in Pearl. This has been giving me that much needed glow following a few early mornings and doesn’t look sweaty or greasy even in the current heatwave.

When I have worn makeup, I’ve been taking off any eye makeup with the Amphora Aromatics Soothing Aloe Eye Gel*. This product takes makeup off my tired, sore eyes leaving no residue and ridding the need to scrub the sensitive eye area. I’ve already popped up a review.

Finally my choice of mani this month is from Essie and is the shade Bikini So Teeny. Like the name, LOVE the colour. This is a blue toned lilac (lilac toned blue?) with bits of glitter and it really floats my boat. I’m not sure it’s MSH teritorry just yet but it’s definitely well on it’s way.

*This product was sent to me for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased feedback.


KIKO is a brand which I often get excited about the concept of, but until now have never actually purchased anything from there due to the busy stores and the fact that most of the time I’m at a busy city centre store with my boyfriend moaning for me to hurry up. Boys just don’t understand. I popped into the new store in Brighton recently and spent a good while browsing, despite my boyfriends moans and sighs. The stores are exceptionally well laid out and make choosing the right product for you very simple. Testers are clearly labeled and products to purchase sit neatly behind in high end style black boxes.

KIKO is known as a drugstore brand, with an unbeatable price point considering the fantastic quality of their products. Their eyeshadows are pigmented, lipsticks creamy and their base products come in a plethora of shades and formulas to suit anyone.

While I could’ve purchased one of everything, I decided to dip my toes into the KIKO pool and pick up one of their concealers. Concealers and I have a bit of a thing and on this occasion I opted for the KIKO Full Coverage Concealer. This concealer claims to be full coverage and that’s it; no empty promises of longevity, consistency or miracles, just a concealer which covers… I like it.

I picked up the shade 02, which is a neutral toned shade making it perfect for both under eye camouflaging and blemish covering. The product packs a punch in terms of coverage, making my unsightly dark circles barely noticeable, as well as covering redness and blemishes. While being one of the most full coverage concealers I’ve ever tried, this one isn’t thick, isn’t overly creamy and also isn’t drying. It doesn’t crease on me and is generally a great all rounder.

The product comes housed in a sleek black compact, with the same textured packaging as that of NARS which makes it feel much more expensive than the mere £7.50 which I paid. It has a mirror inside which magnifies making it perfect for travel, on the go touchups and pinpoint concealing.

Have you tried this? What else should I try from KIKO?