Happy New Year!

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Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed blogmas (or the 17 days I managed). I’ve taken a much needed rest over christmas and am now fresh and ready for the year. I’ve only just finished my Christmas break really, having stayed at home for over three weeks and working at a local publishers for two, I’m now back at my own flat in Nottingham and ready for whatever the new year throws at me.

This morning, I got up at 8am and went to the gym, of my own accord, and i’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself. I’ve bought a few new bits of clothing for the gym and it’s motivated me massively. How you look does massively affect how you feel and I felt pretty bad ass in my neon pink crop top and matching socks. (Obviously I did wear trousers, but they weren’t pink.)

I haven’t set any new years resolutions, but have set myself some goals to achieve by the year end. The first being to book a trip to New York. It might be that I book it at the very end of the year for the very end of next year but that’s OK. I also want to have abs of steel, I say a six-pack but I don’t want it too defined, so abs of steel will be just fine. If I do well with this whole fitness thing I’ll probably share it on here… if you don’t hear anything, I’ve failed.

I’m going to enter the real world of non student life this year, having been in education for 16 years. It’s a pretty scary prospect but one that i’m excited about and hopefully I’ll be able to achieve great things.

I’m at a bit of a loose end with blogging, in that I don’t really know where I want it to go. I have loads of new products to share with you but I’m not sure how to and so until I’ve got my Mojo back i’m just going to let it be. There’s no point in forcing a post that people will be able to tell isn’t genuine or passionate. You know?

So, if you’re wondering where I am, I’ll be at the gym or knee deep in my dissertation and other final projects. Help.


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