Life Lately: Fitness, Features and Frosty Mornings


It’s that time again where I go on and on and on about what I’ve been up to, just to keep you in the loop.

First things first, I cannot talk about recent life without offering a moment to the very sad happenings in Paris over the weekend. It breaks my heart that the world still has hate and my thoughts go out to everyone affected not only in Paris but worldwide. Perhaps one day we’ll reach world peace.

Last month, (time flies) I popped down to London for the day with my pal Jasmine to attend Stylist Live. If you have no idea what i’m talking about then the magazine you probably have shoved in your face on Wednesday’s commute is called Stylist. It’s a women’s magazine which covers all aspects of lady life and I think it’s pretty fab. Anyway, the team behind the paper pages put on a fantastic four day extravaganza at the Business Design Centre in Islington and it was packed out with shops, speakers and industry insiders. I went on the Friday and got to see makeup maestro’s Pixiwoo as well as Anna (ViviannaDoesMakeup) and Lily (LilyPebbles). I fan girled an embarassing amount at Lily and Anna but I did manage to keep it inside and maintain a cool exterior. Ice cool like a glacier. The pair were really down to earth and so teeny in person; I felt like we were pals. I also managed to fit in a trip to Oxford/Regent/Carnaby Streets and with enabler Jaz by my side did a bit of damage to the old bank balance. All in a days work.

I’ve also begun a fitness thing where I go to Yogalates and Zumba every week and the sad thing is that when I’m not working out, I wish I was… I’ve also been making an effort with what I shovel into my eating hole and have so far made homemade granola, a chickpea curry and have been whizzing up pasta sauce. Call me Nigella. I can’t believe my own words but the gym has given me a new lease of life and while I have only been four times, straight after penning this post i’m off to get sweaty.

It’s true that the final year at Uni is the hardest. You’ve got a pretty heavy workload including the dreaded D word and in the back of your mind you’re messing your pants about what you might be doing this time next year. I think i’ll just snuggle under my duvet.

Last but absolutely not least the holidays are coming! I’m releasing my inner five year old this time around and I’ve been buzzing since September. I love Autumn and Winter and I’m especially excited to get festive this year and spend time with family. Aaah…

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