Why Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara Rocks My Socks #BudgetBeautyWeek

To put it bluntly, this mascara is the bees knees and the cats whiskers.

As far as drugstore mascaras go, this one is pretty much top of my love list, despite having a number of affairs with it’s competitors. I really like Max Factor products however I did overlook them for a while thinking they weren’t very current or aimed at young people. They’ve recently brought out a plethora of newbies which have changed my mind, and it’s pretty evident that they’re trying to reach out to a younger market.

Anyway, this mascara comes in sleek matte black packaging (I love matte packaging, it’s so chic) with the trademark gold label. I’m 99% sure there’s a waterproof offering too but I pick up the original formula in the shade black. The wand comprises plastic bristles, something which I usually steer way clear of, however there are plenty meaning that you have no trouble gripping the lashes and giving them a thorough coat.

You do have to apply a fair bit of this to achieve the look in the pictures above, however I always do apply a lot of mascara anyway to ensure my lashes are full and long. This mascara does give it’s suggested false lash effect look, and I think the lashes look exceptionally fluttery.

Have you tried this?

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