Not Quite A BeautyBlender #BudgetBeautyWeek

Could I possibly take any more pictures of a sponge?! I think not.
Today marks the beginning of Budget Beauty Week (You know I love a good category). Basically this was completely unplanned but while procrastinating working hard at my current Editorial job I decided that there’s nothing better to get me back in the blogging game than committing to seven posts this week, all circling the budget beauty world.

While I love wandering around Selfridges looking at all of the pretties, I do also love popping into Boots (beats Superdrug everytime) and filling up my basket to be surprised and how much a 3 for 2 can save you and with lots of Advantage points to spend on my next meal deal. I should probably save them up for something more glam I know.

Away from the drugstore, I’m kicking off this week with my search for a BeautyBlender dupe. I’ve probably spent as much if not more money trying to find a copy than the cost of the real deal, but it’s worth a try I suppose.

I picked up this pretty pink number from Primark for £1.50 after seeing it in a few haul videos. This is a similar shape to the original and comes in a pale shade rather than the original bright pink.
Unfortunately, the similarities end with the shape. This sponge does not expand when placed under running water, nor does it soften making application of foundation and concealer almost impossible. The usual dabbing technique (technical term there) which I use with my Real Techniques offering is too harsh on the face and it basically feels like you are repeatedly punching yourself in the face.
In addition, while the sponge doesn’t absorb water, it does take in a lot of liquid makeup product, meaning that if push came to shove and you needed to use it, you’d be using twice as much product as usual.

I don’t mean to begin the week a negative nancy, but I assure you my search for the perfect sponge will continue…

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