MUJI does skincare… And you’re really going to need it.


When everyone’s favourite acrylic storage store released it’s new skin care line, I was of course interested to try it. I’m always wary when non cosmetic stores broaden their horizons into the beauty industry as often there are a number of nasties on the ingredients list. With MUJI skincare, there are absolutely no perfumes, alcohol, parabens or mineral oils – hip hip hooray!

I think the range is exclusive to Selfirdges for the moment, so I popped into The Trafford Centre store and perused the selection. The range is made up of three sections; sensitive, moisture and high moisture and is created in Japan. I picked up three items, and attempted to span an entire skincare routine. I chose the Moisture Face Soap, the Moisture Moisturising Milk and the Light Toning Water.

Lets start with the bad news; the Moisture Face Soap is really terrible. I attempted to use this as a cleanser, it came out as a thick paste and when mixed with water became a thick white cream. It’s very sticky on the skin and stings if it’s within a centimetre of your eyes. In short, I felt like I had conjunctivitis on my whole face. This doesn’t remove makeup and is generally crap all round.

Pushing negative Nancy to one side, the other two products are definitely worth a try. The Light Toner worked wonders on a little skin problem I had, refined the texture of my skin with its light acid and hydrated slightly. This is a great toner with a fantastic price point and i’ll definitely be going back for big moma. I sometimes think that toners with acid are a bit strong for everyday use on my dry skin but this one is light and refreshing.

The moisture milk is a great moisturiser for these summer months where I don’t need a cream that’s quite as thick (I’ll probably opt for the more moisturising range in the winter). It’s light enough that it sinks in quickly while packing enough punch in terms of hydration and nourishment. I used this at night the first day I got it and woke up with my skin looking plump, glowy, hydrated and fresh – a welcome change to my sometimes dull complexion.

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