KIKO Full Coverage Concealer


KIKO is a brand which I often get excited about the concept of, but until now have never actually purchased anything from there due to the busy stores and the fact that most of the time I’m at a busy city centre store with my boyfriend moaning for me to hurry up. Boys just don’t understand. I popped into the new store in Brighton recently and spent a good while browsing, despite my boyfriends moans and sighs. The stores are exceptionally well laid out and make choosing the right product for you very simple. Testers are clearly labeled and products to purchase sit neatly behind in high end style black boxes.

KIKO is known as a drugstore brand, with an unbeatable price point considering the fantastic quality of their products. Their eyeshadows are pigmented, lipsticks creamy and their base products come in a plethora of shades and formulas to suit anyone.

While I could’ve purchased one of everything, I decided to dip my toes into the KIKO pool and pick up one of their concealers. Concealers and I have a bit of a thing and on this occasion I opted for the KIKO Full Coverage Concealer. This concealer claims to be full coverage and that’s it; no empty promises of longevity, consistency or miracles, just a concealer which covers… I like it.

I picked up the shade 02, which is a neutral toned shade making it perfect for both under eye camouflaging and blemish covering. The product packs a punch in terms of coverage, making my unsightly dark circles barely noticeable, as well as covering redness and blemishes. While being one of the most full coverage concealers I’ve ever tried, this one isn’t thick, isn’t overly creamy and also isn’t drying. It doesn’t crease on me and is generally a great all rounder.

The product comes housed in a sleek black compact, with the same textured packaging as that of NARS which makes it feel much more expensive than the mere £7.50 which I paid. It has a mirror inside which magnifies making it perfect for travel, on the go touchups and pinpoint concealing.

Have you tried this? What else should I try from KIKO?

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