Life lately #1


1. I’m back home for Easter now so have enjoyed spending time with family and friends. My little God son is getting so grown up I love watching him learn new things and grow in confidence.

2. I’ve been enjoying lunch dates (as always) with my friends and of course savouring several mojitos. I’m a real lightweight these days – cheap date I suppose.

3. Next week sees the 21st birthday of my lovely boyfriend aka the boy who has everything so I’m currently very welcome to present suggestions. I can’t wait to surprise him and to enjoy sharing his celebrations.

4. I’m SO in to reading blogs at the moment, I used to be more of a YouTube girl but since writing my own I love nothing more than having a nosey at what everyone else is up to, picking up a few tips along the way.

5. I am, of course, the worst money saver ever and have been spending every spare penny and moment on beauty products. I went shopping with my mama yesterday and she treated me to a few beauty bits including the soap and glory brow pencil and ever coveted Maximillian Strasse Her from essie. I’ve already taken pictures for reviews…

What have you been up to? Anything you’re particularly excited for or have enjoyed? 

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