Why do you wear makeup?

This is something I have seen floating around recently but a question asked everyday. Whether it’s someone I’m holding up because I’m perfecting a smokey eye or the person tutting at my amount to pay in the queue at boots. A lot of people think that women wear makeup for men, and I’d be lying if I said they were wrong, however there are so many other reasons why we wear makeup that the tiny fraction of a percentage which that reason makes up is somewhat irrelevant. I wear makeup for me. 

I wear makeup because I love makeup. I wear it because I enjoy the process of getting out of the shower, sitting at my dresser in my towel and picking out products. I enjoy trying out new looks, using makeup as a form of expression or as a work of art. I wear makeup because I can, because my skin doesn’t react with it. I wear makeup because it makes me feel ready for the day, just like putting on my knickers.

Makeup for me is an escape, it’s that much needed me time. Now, don’t get me wrong I get the same feeling from putting on a face mask or having a thorough shave and smothering myself in body lotion. It’s just beauty. Beauty makes me feel beautiful and it makes me feel like me. 

I’m more than happy to roll out of bed and face the day with nothing on my face, I’m exactly the same person. I don’t use makeup as a mask, and I’m lucky to feel confident in my own skin and not have anything which I particularly want to hide. What I do enjoy is accentuating features, and being the best version of me, and makeup helps me get there. 

I don’t wear makeup because my boyfriend wants me to, he’s not bothered, he’s seen me dribbling on his pillow and has stuck around. 

I’m amazed by makeup, it excites me everyday. There’s always new things to try and new techniques to learn and there’s different things for different people. It’s something that anybody can wear and it brings together communities. There are people who wear it as part of a routine, people who wear it to give them a confidence boost, people who wear it as part of their job and we’re all in a bubble of beauty. 

I suppose I wear makeup because I like it. I spend money on it because it interests me. Why do you wear makeup?

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