Essence Cosmetics haul & review

So I’m currently on what can only be described as a budget, my unfortunate habits of spending without really checking what’s going on in the old bank account have left me with little pocket money. While I’m low on income I still want to bring new and exciting material to this slice of the web and so although I won’t ever stop shopping (sorry parents) I am trying to do it on the cheap. 

On a recent trip to wilko to pick up some essentials; loo roll, cotton buds, household bleach, batteries yawn yawn yawn I skipped over to the cosmetics aisle and was pleased by what I saw. I was tame and only picked up two products (and a makeup brush) but they were really low priced and excited me greatly. 

I think here in the uk we can only get essence cosmetics at wilko, whereas accross the pond it’s fairly widely available and I’ve seen many a lip liner swatch next to Mac ones that have made my jaw drop. With budget brands there’s often the question of how it’s so cheap, do they use cheap ingredients? Am I sacrificing high quality? And it’s different with everything I try, but with essence down for many dupes, I decided to test the ropes and give you an insight into real budget beauty. 

First into my basket dropped the ‘make me brow’ brow setting mascara a commonly known dupe for benefits gimme brow (copying? Never, the names are completely dissimilar). Now I’m new to the world of setting my brows, the closest I’ve ever got was putting glitter mascara in them to a disco as well as on my eyelashes and at the front of my hair, glam. This product is essentially a brown mascara, packaged in a small tube with a smaller want for more precise combing and application. This coats each hair with colour, however the distribution is a little in even and it does dry slightly crispy. The hairs do stay in place though so for £2.50 I’m not complaining although I will be looking into better ones.

Next up came the kajal pencil in teddy, mainly because Mac do a beautiful eyeliner with the same name. This is a creamy formula in a shimmery(ish) dark brown shade, perfect for lining the upper lash line and smudging out or for the right and water lines. Coming in at only £1 I would definitely repurchase this pencil, and I have worn it most days since purchasing it around a week ago. I’m pleased to have found this bargain, now the mac offering can move wayyy down my shopping list.

Have you tried anything from essence? What else do I need to try?

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