Sometimes in life you get to a point where you really need to step up your skincare. Your skin isn’t necessarily bad but it could definitely be better and you know that it needs a little bit of TLC.

I reached that point last month and touched on it in my new year goals post. This year I really wanted to nail down a solid routine for my face (and body, but that’s still a bit of a lost cause) and without speaking to soon I think I’ve done it! Over the past few weeks my skin has been well behaved, the texture has improved and I’m looking a lot more radiant. I’ve banished a lot of the old bits in my product collection which were gathering dust and streamlined it into something so satisfying.

A little skin bio: my skin is normal to dry in texture and can get very dehydrated whilst also congested on and around my nose, so I suppose it’s normal combination. I only really get spots around that time of the month and so I tend to cater my routine to adding moisture and radiance whilst ensuring the centre part gets a real good scrub everyday to relieve the congestion (I.e clogged pores and blackheads).

My routine doesn’t change that much in terms of morning and evening, the only difference being that in the evening I use a micellar water to remove the bulk of my makeup. At the moment I’m using the Garnier one but I’m a huge fan of the one from Avene and also Bioderma. Then I cleanse using the Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser which I work onto dry skin and remove with a hot damp muslin cloth. I sometimes do this twice but usually if I’ve done a good job with the makeup remover once will suffice. This cleanser is somewhere in between a cream and a balm consistency and and does a damn good job of getting in there and giving everything a once over. I’ve found that since using this the bumpy texture on my forehead and cheekbones has significantly reduced as has the congestion around my nose. I presume it’s because the muslin cloth gets right in there and gives everything a good scrub to break it down. Pleasant.

In the evening I will then use the Pixi glow tonic exfoliating toner. I try not to use this in the morning because I don’t tend to wear an SPF day to day except for what’s built in to my foundation (naughty naughty), so I don’t want to over exfoliate or use too many chemicals to avoid sun damage.

I then put on a boat load of the Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser which is from the same range as the c&p and is just as fantastic and holds the same pretty floral yet herbal scent. My skin ADORES this and it’s the one cream which doesn’t get drunk up straight away and instead really gets to work hydrating and nourishing for the full 12 hours between each application.

I then pop on some eye cream because I’m terrified of premature ageing and also because it helps to reduce the creasing of concealer under the eyes. I’ve been using the Trilogy one but I can’t say I feel particularly loyal to it as it is the first one I’ve tried and I’m intrigued by a few others… it does the job though.

It’s no secret that I spend a lot of time browsing online to see what’s new in stores. I’d probably even say it was a hobby (ha! need a life. help) I get so much inspiration from doing this however it does sometimes feel like a bit of a waste of time and form of procrastination and so to stop it from being that, I like to make it into a blog post.

I always think that January is an AWFUL month for clothes shopping because every store is a brim with sale stock and is frankly, a jolly old mess. Come the end of the month though the new collections start to creep in and I’m always so excited to shop again after that little break. This year seems like a good one for trends and it looks like embroidery, one of my faves from last year, is sticking around for a little while longer. It’s also invited it’s old pal embellishments to join in and I’m literally obsessed with embellished everything, mainly that Gucci bag… a girl can dream. The new (ish) year is also a great time to up your basic game, update denim and throw out any tatty tees for a fresher style. I’d better lock away my bank card.

Links for the things:

Star Embellished Heels – Zara

Leather Slingback Heels – Mango

Star Earrings – Mango

Leather Buckle Skirt – Topshop

Embellished Handbag – Gucci

Denim Shirt – Topshop

Ripped Jeans – Topshop

Mickey T-Shirt – Topshop

Studded Strap Heels – River Island

Embroidered Tulle Top – Zara

Gingham Frill Top – Topshop

Embroidered Backless Loafers – River Island

Stripe Top – Topshop


I can’t believe it’s the end of January. I know that this is such a typical way to start a monthly favourites post but good golly it’s flown! Is this what happens when you’re an adult?

On with the faves, and quite a mixed bag this month. I feel as though when you travel you realise which things really are your favourites, because you either shove them in the suitcase immediately or mourn for them while you’re away; which is what happened when I didn’t pack the MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation for my trip to Rome. I packed my much loved and very trusty NARS Sheer Glow, because that’s good for day and evening, however nothing gives me the glow that this MAC one does, and I felt flat and dull on the foundation front without it. It’s also excellent as a duo with the Primark Oval Brush, which is an absolute steal at £4 although is quite difficult to clean… suggestions welcome for that minor set back.

Sticking with brushes, but of an entirely different variety, WHY HAS IT TAKEN ME SO LONG TO GET A WET BRUSH?!?! The Wet Brush has changed my life, it makes detangling a breeze and I enjoy it so much I’ve actually brushed my hair everyday since getting it. I was never really one for the Tangle Teezer but this is a really big deal and I urge everyone to get one. I have a mini and even that’s brilliant.

I’ve rekindled my love for Cocoa Butter this month and have been putting it basically everywhere. The Charity Pot by Lush is a great moisturiser for body and hands and they donate all of the cost minus VAT to charity, which is a good deed all round. It smells exceptional and nourishes like a dream, as does my other love the Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Butter which I have loved for a long time and still do now. I’m also really grateful that it’s in a stick because pot products + false nails = trouble.

Finally I’ve been wearing the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Miss Kensington as a way to stop me from buying her new Pillowtalk shade (although we all know my willpower is the weakest thing going). This is a pale pink colour which looks very natural and I’m a big fan of the formula too; it’s very smooth and nourishing despite being matte and I can’t help but feel it makes my lips look fuller.

A quick shout out to Sali Hughes Pretty Iconic which is not only a great photo prob but also a brilliant read for any beauty lover. I like that you can pick it up and put it down whenever you fancy a bit of insider info, it’s also nice to reminisce of old industry faves.

And that’s it for another month! Don’t forget to connect with me on Twitter & Instagram (@abigailjdawson) for beauty chat and also follow me on Bloglovin’ so that you never miss a post.

Images c/o in-Grid

Aah finally! My first style post of the year is here and what better way to kick things of than with the ultimate basic; the white shirt. A white shirt is a great go to for any occasion and can be worn in a number of ways as well as being available in a number of cuts, fabrics and styles.

I’ve recently been introduced to a great British brand called in-Grid, which specialises in the world of white shirts for women with each fabric being woven in England and every individual shirt being handmade to order. They offer a fresh take on the white shirt featuring alternative shapes and an array of fabrics.

A white shirt goes with everything and you can work it into both monochrome and more colourful outfits for both desk and disco. I love the look of a white shirt with light wash denim and earthy tones for summer, and in winter it makes for the perfect layering piece under jumpers or over a turtleneck.

What’s great about the in-Grid collection is that it takes the white shirt to a whole new level and makes you think about it in an entirely different way, opening it up to even more style opportunities. I think it’s so important to support home grown brands and smaller businesses so be sure to have a look at in-Grid for more information on their pieces, you can visit the website here.

Wearing in-Grid tunic, Topshop jeans, Primark socks, Whistles boots

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OK let’s just start off by saying I’m such a fan of Tanya Burr at the moment. Ever since she had her hair cut I think she looks incredible in everything she wears and she has exceptional taste in shoes, too.

But less about her and more about her cosmetic line which has been around for quite some time now. When she first brought out the line with Eye Candy of lip glosses and nail polishes I dipped my toe in with a few picks, which I was a big fan of and now that she’s got her own team the products keep on coming and it’s all very exciting indeed.

Wanting to test out some of the newer bits I picked up the lipsticks in Pink Cocoa and Birthday Cake, the two neutral shades in her five part range. These are both a creamy formula with a sheeny shiny satin finish, however while Pink Cocoa is quite pigmented and looks pretty after one swipe, Birthday Cake is very very sheer and takes 4-5 swipes to reach the shade on my hand in the above image. It does also cling to any dry patches which isn’t very flattering. Saying that, it is a pretty colour and with a little extra work can look natural and chic. I find that a good lip scrub before and pressing the colour into the lips with your finger post swipe it’s perfectly fine.

I absolutely love Pink Cocoa and it has none of the faults which Birthday Cake does. It glides on seamlessly even on my forever chapped lips, and leaves an opaque colour. It’s creamy and nourishing and is a beautiful ‘my lips but better’ shade.

I’d say I’m fairly impressed and the problems with the pale shade absolutely don’t put me off trying out any of the others or anything else from her collection. Let me know if you have any recommendations by tweeting me @abigailjdawson.

Adios! x


So I thought today that I would start a mini series, where I share with you every section of my makeup collection and my favourite bits from each, of course starting with Lipstick.

Lipstick and me are good pals, it’s something which I feel no guilt in buying another. I’ve actually recently downsized my collection to the best of the bunch and so picking favourites was quite difficult because in reality I love them all.

I love lipstick in any formula, feel and shade but my go to’s are something creamy for a nude, and matte for a bold and I’m happy to mix and match with those inbetweeny shades. Here are my picks…

IMG_0288Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in Penelope Pink – this is my go to nude and has a lovely creamy yet opaque formula. It lends it’s self to a more pinky tone but I’d describe it as a true beige shade. Perfecto! (I’ll probably say that about them all)IMG_0289

CHANEL Rouge Coco lipstick in Adrienne – are you sick of me talking about this one? This was my go to nude until it melted on a hot day in my handbag. This is quite like Penelope Pink but a little bit darker and not quite so beige. It’s a pinky peach YLBB shade which I imagine would suit everyone.


CHANEL Rouge Allure Ink liquid lipstick in Amoreux – a fairly obvious choice following my recent songs of praise here and here.


By Terry Balme De Rose – Aaah I’m not sure of the official name of this but it was a Christmas limited edition formula in a lip gloss style and I have to say it’s fabulous. It’s nourishing and non sticky while providing a sweet smelling shiny finish in a wearable shade. When this runs out I’m getting the pot.


MAC Mehr – I haven’t worn this lipstick in such a long time but I couldn’t not pick it as a favourite. It’s my current fave MAC lippy (shout out to shy girl my old sweetheart) and an easy go to for pairing with any eye look or when you don’t know what to go for. The matte formula stays put without being drying and glides on easily. A true winner.

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in So Marilyn – Named after the queen of the red lip herself, this is a great staple shade. It’s ever so slightly deeper than a ‘true’ red and lends it’s self to a blue undertone. It’s a creamy formula which I don’t usually choose in a bold lip option but I opt to wear it with a lot of liner or layered over my next and final favourite…


MAC Ruby Woo – I feel like everyone has a place in their heart Ruby Woo, it’s a cult classic in any makeup bag or collection. It’s a retro-matte formula which means you need an entire tub of lip balm and a strong hand for application as it is still, it does drag and it is drying. It’s such a great shade and does not budge at all, one for special occasions due to the chapped lips post event but a firm favourite nonetheless.

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2016 faves

Following on from yesterday’s post all about my new year goals, today I’m taking a step back and looking at the creme de la creme of 2016 in terms of beauty products. Now, I could have done a product for each category, but I thought it would be more meaningful to share with you instead the things which I really really loved.

I’ll attempt to do this in some chronological order, and so one of my top top top products (emphasis on top) of the year had to be Pixi’s Glow Tonic which I’ve had in previous years however rediscovered this year when I spotted it in Marks & Spencer. This is a great chemical exfoliating toner, which sounds scary if you’ve never used one but it’s incredibly gentle and simply removes dead skin cells without the need for a constant scrub with a manual beady exfoliator. I tend to use this in an evening as opposed to morning and find that come the following AM I’m looking polished and rejuvenated.

Following on from waking up looking fabulous, I have been slathering my face in the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, which is a bit of a cult product in the industry. This is a fantastic hydrating day cream which claims to provide 24hr moisturisation, and I imagine that if I didn’t pile on the makeup and then remove it all that it would provide enough moisture for 24 hours. It’s not got a scent to it and instead is a really nice day cream which isn’t to light or too thick. It also works well under makeup. I loooove it.

My foundation of the year and my entire life has to be NARS Sheer Glow, which I finally bought as opposed to having samples of in 2016. Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s definitely not sheer, nor is it that glowy – it’s more of a medium coverage satin finish foundation, but I suppose that doesn’t have the same ring to it. This has become my go-to for both daytime and evening, and it can easily be layered up for a full coverage flawless face for a night out (because I go on soooo many of those…not). If you haven’t already, I’d 100% recommend giving this a go or picking up a sample/ being colour matched. An honorable mention has to go to my BAE the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser which is a close second place (hehe).

It would seem this was the year of me buying things I’d wanted for a long time, and next on the love list is the Soleil Tan De Chanel, or Bronze Universal if you’re OT. This was a highly rated product when I first started reading blogs many many moons ago, and was virtually impossible to get hold of. Fast forward a few (or SEVEN) years and it’s not so highly spoken of. However I finally picked it up and I have to say it’s fantastic for me. I’ve given it some thought and I don’t think that this is a universal product, and the shade wont suit everyone, but for me it’s a great everyday cream/gel bronzer. It’s quite an orange colour so not for contouring however with my yellow toned light/medium complexion it works a treat. It also smells like summer which I am SO ok with.

Sticking with creamy cheeks, I’ve also loved the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Lip & Cheek Colour in Uber Beige which I can’t show you the inside of because it’s really quite embarrassing. Why do cream products do that?! This is a really lovely pinky brown shade which when worn quite far back on the cheek acts as a bronzer blusher hybrid – perfect for those lazy days or for makeup on the tube. It’s also a really nice shade on the lips too and the formula does actually work for both. C’est fantastique.

My eyeshadow of the year goes to the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eye Palette in Dolce Vita, which is an absolute dream. I received this from Santa for Christmas 2015 and used it at least once per week for all of 2016. For an evening I wear all of the shades and for daytime the shimmery champagne is my go to, sometimes with either of the darker shades blended into the outer corner for a subtle smoke. The pressed glitter is everything I could ever want and if it was office appropriate I would wear it every day. Which quad should I get next?

Finally and potentially my PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2016 (ooohhhh) is the Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in Amoureux. I’ve already raved about this and I do feel a little sneaky because these we’re released towards the end of the year but oh myyyy this is amazing. If you want a long lasting non-drying lipstick in an everyday shade then get this. Forget all of the others and get this. For my full rave see this post.

And that’s it! Adios 2016 you were an odd one.


this-is-yor-yearOoh look at this; another new year round up post!

Hello to you and a very happy new year! I’m back on the blog with a boat load more free time so do expect to hear a lot more from me. I felt as though the only way to begin a new year is to look back and reflect on the old one, and then state all of the things i’m going to do to make me a better person this time around (ha!).

I have a lot of hope for 2017, and there are a lot of things I’d like to do and so for the purpose of your entertainment and my personal records I thought I’d put pen to paper/ finger to keyboard and list right here my goals for 2017…

  1. Be the best version of me. This year I want to achieve my personal best and be the fittest I’ve ever been, the happiest I’ve ever been and just generally the best I’ve ever been or ever felt.
  2. Nail down a skincare routine. I am a hypocrite, I tell people to avoid face wipes like the plague and then totter home and use them myself! I feel as though I’ve found a good few products, but am yet to find things to fill the gaps in my routine, do let me know of any firm favourites in your collection… I’m all ears on this one!
  3. Read more books. I am constantly scrolling on my damn iPhone or staring at a computer screen – I’m not even sure I know what paper is… I also think it’s great to escape the real world and enter into a story. aah… bliss. Would you be interested in book reviews?
  4. Don’t buy a new foundation until I’ve used up at least one. One person with one face does not need SEVEN foundations on the go at any one time. Period.
  5. Travel more. Now, don’t get me wrong I’ve done some miles this past year, but i’d really like to see more of the world this year. I already have a trip to Rome in the diary at the end of this month which I’m SO excited about and I’d also like to go to Iceland, and maybe the Caribbean. I’d also really like to have a trip to New York at least booked in by the end of this year. If only flights were free eh?
  6. Grow my hair. I’ve been having my hair chopped up to my collarbone for well over a year now, and I think it’s time I let it grow a little. If all goes to plan I’ll be a mermaid by December.
  7. Be more adult. This year I need to get a good, solid job settled down and sort myself out somewhere to live. This is all very exciting and I am pinning every velvet sofa I see, but I need to be more adult in my approach to these things and remember that the sofa of dreams isn’t the priority. Quite sad really.
  8. Be a better blogger. Let’s face it, I could win an award for being the more inconsistent blogger. I do really enjoy getting my thoughts and feelings out there but always think it takes longer than it actually does. I’ll try to find the time to do two posts per week. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much for reading NN, happy new year and lots of love. A x


Harcourt London is an exciting new watch company set up between friends over a kitchen table. The unlikely design trio wanted to create their own watch, something with which to make a statement and something they knew their friends would buy – Harcourt London was born and its slim-line classic watches are ready to wear.

Whether stacked with delicate gold chains or worn alone with tanned limbs, the luxe, monochrome watch has been a staple of enviable Instagram accounts for a while now. The watches are all unisex and come in two face sizes (36mm and 40mm).

Being the swish little lady that I am, I popped along to the press day for SS17 and had to give one of the timepieces a try. I really like the look of a large watch face on a small wrist and always go for a classic look when choosing my wrist wear. The gold and black one is a classic with a modern twist and I love the contrast of colours. I also think they’d make a great gift for someone you really like this Christmas…

(pictured on me: The Dunmore – RRP £150.00)

Which would you pick?


Now you can call me ignorant, but Rodial wasn’t a brand which had ever really taken my fancy nor heard that much about in regards to make-up. Recently my eyes were opened into the true beauty of the brand and to cut a long story (we all know i’m good at telling those) short, it’s blooming marvellous!

From the things I’ve tried out, the real stand out product for me is the eyeshadow palette, which I think is a fairly new release. This particular one comes with a beautifully thought out mixture of cool neutral shades, with the second and third colours even giving a subtle nod to my favourite warm hues. Now, I know you’re all looking at that shimmery shade and yes, it’s everything you’re hoping and then some; these shadows are unbelievably pigmented and work well both blended out softly or packed on for a more intense look. My current go to is the second shade through the socket and the shimmery shade on the mobile lid (ha! mobile lid… I heard Pixiwoo say that once) and it gives a quick and easy everyday eye with a little somethin’ somethin’ your colleagues will be sure to notice.

I’ve also got the contour compact which is a pretty big deal for the packaging alone, before you’ve even touched the product it houses. This is weighty and feels as luxurious as its £52 price tag *gulp*, it’s not one for the faint hearted and does a pretty serious job of chiselling out cheekbones on even the most moon shaped of heads… a winner in my eyes.

Have you tried anything from Rodial?