Harcourt London is an exciting new watch company set up between friends over a kitchen table. The unlikely design trio wanted to create their own watch, something with which to make a statement and something they knew their friends would buy – Harcourt London was born and its slim-line classic watches are ready to wear.

Whether stacked with delicate gold chains or worn alone with tanned limbs, the luxe, monochrome watch has been a staple of enviable Instagram accounts for a while now. The watches are all unisex and come in two face sizes (36mm and 40mm).

Being the swish little lady that I am, I popped along to the press day for SS17 and had to give one of the timepieces a try. I really like the look of a large watch face on a small wrist and always go for a classic look when choosing my wrist wear. The gold and black one is a classic with a modern twist and I love the contrast of colours. I also think they’d make a great gift for someone you really like this Christmas…

(pictured on me: The Dunmore – RRP £150.00)

Which would you pick?


Now you can call me ignorant, but Rodial wasn’t a brand which had ever really taken my fancy nor heard that much about in regards to make-up. Recently my eyes were opened into the true beauty of the brand and to cut a long story (we all know i’m good at telling those) short, it’s blooming marvellous!

From the things I’ve tried out, the real stand out product for me is the eyeshadow palette, which I think is a fairly new release. This particular one comes with a beautifully thought out mixture of cool neutral shades, with the second and third colours even giving a subtle nod to my favourite warm hues. Now, I know you’re all looking at that shimmery shade and yes, it’s everything you’re hoping and then some; these shadows are unbelievably pigmented and work well both blended out softly or packed on for a more intense look. My current go to is the second shade through the socket and the shimmery shade on the mobile lid (ha! mobile lid… I heard Pixiwoo say that once) and it gives a quick and easy everyday eye with a little somethin’ somethin’ your colleagues will be sure to notice.

I’ve also got the contour compact which is a pretty big deal for the packaging alone, before you’ve even touched the product it houses. This is weighty and feels as luxurious as its £52 price tag *gulp*, it’s not one for the faint hearted and does a pretty serious job of chiselling out cheekbones on even the most moon shaped of heads… a winner in my eyes.

Have you tried anything from Rodial?

Now I’ve never watched Parks & Recreation, but I’m more than familiar with the phrase ‘Treat yo’ self”.

So, these purchases happened within a week of each other, and would have happened at the same time had the lip shade not been impossible to get hold of. That very day I had cleared out my makeup in view of a more minimal approach, I’d told myself that I only had one face, and therefore only needed one bronzer, one brow product, one mascara etc etc (was a lot more lenient on lipsticks) and then, as if that very conversation had never happened in my mind, I walked in to Boots, headed to the Chanel counter and bought another bronzer.

I’m kind of letting myself off because I didn’t already have a cream bronzer in my collection, and that’s generally a formula I prefer – that and I have wanted this damn bronzer since it was called Bronze Universal circa 2009. It seems that everyone in the industry has tried this bronzer, and put it aside to gather dust, but I can’t seem to understand why?! For me, this is a game changer; I can often go too heavy on the old powder product but this is quite sheer meaning it’s almost impossible to go overboard. I can also apply it on the tube without fear of it cracking into one million pieces (unlike the most feeble of bronzers, NARS Laguna) and also, dare I suggest it, without a mirror. Also, it smells like holidays. Win win.

My next purchase, only a few days later came in the form of the newly released Rouge Allure Ink lip lacquer in Amoreux. This was one of those things I wasn’t that bothered about (another liquid lipstick… yada yada yada) however when I discovered it was out of stock I quite literally became possessed and had to have it if it was the last thing I ever held. Now, these are actually quite different to other liquid lipsticks and I have come across quite mixed reviews, but I’m in the love camp. This is sheerer and a lot more comfortable than, for example, the NYX liquid suedes. It goes on in exactly the same way and the wand is practically identical, the finish is matte but there’s just something quite different which I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s more of a stain product than a lacquer, which also means it layers in a lot less of a cakey way. I’m definitely in the market for another shade (or six).

img_1785 img_1784

Gold?! For Christmas?! Mind-blowing. Hear me out…

This autumn, L’Oreal have launched “5 Iconic Color Riche shades, wrapped in 24-Carat Gold for a statement metallic look”. Gold Obsession is a range of buttery textured lipsticks with the signature L’Oreal scent (anyone else get play-doh?) but this time encompassing real gold to create a unique metallic finish.

Metallic lippies are having a real moment right now, with Kylie Jenner’s Metal Matte’s being a favourite amongst fans and bloggers alike, there’s also the Colour Pop metals range and now, on the UK High Street, we have this offering from L’Oreal.

L’Oreal have created something different in that this is a classic lipstick formula, while the others are of the ever popular liquid lipstick variety. This means that the L’Oreal ones are much more nourishing, but will of course have a shorter life span on the lips.

The formula is like other L’Oreal Colour Riche shades, one of my favourite on the high street and the product comes in a matte black to metallic gold ombre bullet – pretty luxe for £6.99. I have the Nude Gold shade because I’m predictable and love a nude lips but after seeing swatches, I’m going to need the pink one too.

Alongside the range, and sticking with the gold theme, the brand have released the L’Or Highlight which is in the most amazing creamy formula. I’m usually a massive fan of the MAC cream colour bases for a cream highlight however this, for me, has taken the top spot. It’s so much more pigmented and delivers an unrivaled metallic finish on the tops of cheekbones. Despite this, it’s not over powering and could be worn by those who prefer a subtle look. It blends like a dream and stays put all day. One for the shopping list I suggest.

Superdrug had a 3 for 2 on L’Oreal products, so I also picked up the much loved Telescopic Mascara (definitely not because of the gold packaging) and I have to admit it’s well worth the hype. It has such a small, thin brush with what looks like very few bristles, yet it somehow manages to coat every lash and add great length and volume.

Overall, a good bunch of products and I’ll definitely be back for more/ a lot of backups of that gorgeous highlight. I insist you buy it too.


As part of her highly anticipated Christmas collection, Zoella has launched the Secret Scenta mini body mist quartet, containing minatures of the three fragrances from her current collections, as well as the limited edition Bake My Day scent.

I hadn’t ever picked up anything from the Zoella Beauty range, as I had it down as something for those a little younger than I. However, when I watched her Christmas Collection Launch video, and saw her AMAZING Zoella Apartment plastered over snapchat, I was immediately intrigued.

The Christmas collection for 2016 is based around a yummy gingerbread scent, with notes of vanilla which make it that little bit more wearable on an everyday basis. I love that she has created a limited edition scent, though I do understand that with her mega following, that means it’s going to sell out pretty much straight away.

Bake my day is my favourite, followed by Sweet Inspirations, which I now want to get in full size. Sweet inspirations is a delicious vanilla and honey scent which again smells good enough to eat. I essentially want to smell like a walking cookie at all times.

Blistful Mistful and Let’s Spritz are scents which I could take or leave, however having them in the collection is great because when you do want something a little bit lighter, you’ve got it.

The scents are by no means a perfume, they are light and don’t last for very long on the skin. I find that after 3-4 hours I need to spray again, but with these minis that’s easy to do as they will fit in even the smallest of handbags.

I do think that this would be a great gift for a younger beauty lover this Christmas, or as a treat to yourself any time.

The Zoella Beauty Secret Scenta Collection is £16 and available at Superdrug & Feel Unique.

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed by my excessive Snapchats, Instagrams and everything else (all abgldwsn) but me and my possessions have moved to the seaside. I’m currently residing in Brighton and while my mum came down for the first time ever this weekend, I thought I’d take the opportunity to be a tourist in my own town.

I don’t know why this isn’t more of a thing, why do we naturally leave when seeking adventure? When there’s lots going on at the end of our noses.

I feel so lucky to be living in a city with the sea on one side and green on the other. If you’ve never been to Brighton (then you should) it’s a vibrant city filled with fun. It’s relaxed while being busy and is brimmed with coffee shops, galleries and Instagram opportunities (ha!).

Luckily the weather was on our side and we spent the day strolling along the seafront and around the Lanes. I got shat on by a seagull twice so hopefully I’ll win the lottery or something this week… I just hope I can get it off my handbag!

A beautiful day in a beautiful city with beautiful weather and beautiful people. Can every Sunday be like this?

Wearing: Shirt TOPSHOP, Jeans TOPSHOP (Lucas), Trainers ADIDAS Stan Smith

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset Processed with VSCO with f2 preset Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

There are some things which boys just don’t get. When I put on this outfit to go to work on Friday, my boyfriend looked at me in disgust. He hates these jeans, thinks the stepped hem is ‘stupid’ and that my Gucci inspired loafers are ‘old lady-ish’… a compliment, non?

The stepped hem jean is a massive trend for AW16 and one which everyone can get on-board with. Most women feel good in jeans and by changing them slightly, you’ve got yourself a new season staple. I love little details to make what would be a basic piece a little different, it’s a simple way to update your look, and if you were on a budget you could always DIY.

My loafer-love comes in the form of these ASOS beauties. They’re leather and only £35 and look suspiciously similar to the Gucci loafers which are doing the rounds at the moment. What I’m hiding in the images are the unbelievably unsightly and painful blisters on the inside of both ankles. Breaking in tips more than welcome…Help plz!

Another trend which is going nowhere is the choker. This is another easy way to update what would be a basic look. Add one to jeans and a tee and you’re instantly more chic and stylish. I also love them layered with longer varied length necklaces for a relaxed ‘I threw this on’ vibe.



nyx liquid suede nyx swatches

NYX Liquid Suede £6.50 each

Ooh, isn’t that title misleading…

My point is, in short, that these are my alternative to paying ££ plus ££ postage and potential ££ customs charge for a Kylie lip kit, when I can, essentially achieve the same look with these beauties.

So I’ve added to my NYX liquid suede collection, and as expected i’m far from disappointed with my new picks. I opted for Soft Spoken and Tea & Cookies to add to Sandstorm (which is at my mums and therefore unable to feature in this post, but you can see it switched in this post) and with just these three I feel like I’ve got all bases covered, though I do really want the red.

Tea & Cookies is my ideal everyday shade, with a bit more pink than usual. I’d probably not have gone for this one if I hadn’t seen that Sammi from Sammi Maria (or Beautycrush if you’re OT) has it, she is literal goals and I basically buy anything she does. Fangirl, not bovd. 

Soft Spoken is more of a middle shade which bridges the gap between T&C and Sandstorm. Where T&C is pink and Sandstorm is brown, Soft Spoken is pink brown. What more could a girl need?

There is absolutely no variation in the quality of these lip colours between shades, they all apply opaque with just one swipe and are ridiculously long lasting. They dry down matte and are completely transfer proof if you want to be smoochin’ or drinking vino (more likely the latter).

So, to conclude, I’ll not be on Kylie’s website at 3pm PST. At least not today.

I’m not even sure brown lips can be considered a trend anymore, more a revolution. Either way, I’ve picked out my top four products to get you that nineties pout, with something to suit all styles. And yes, I do desperately want a Kylie Lip Kit, let’s not talk about it.

Probably the closest to a Kylie Jenner is the NYX Liquid Suede Liquid Lipstick in 07 Sandstorm. I’ve seen mixed reviews of the liquid suede formula however I’m a big fan and I’m looking to expand my collection before doing a full review on here. Until then, it’s an easy application, dries completely matte and fails to budge. This is a wearable brown shade which doesn’t look like you’ve smeared chocolate on your face, my favourite type.

For something more everyday office appropriate the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 728 Honey Beige is a good shout. I love this paired with the Rimmel Cappuccino Lip Liner which just so happens to be next in the firing line. I’ll let the swatches do the talking…

Finally, MAC Whirl is one of those colour everyone’s got in either the pencil or lipstick formula, and is the epitome of nineties brown shades. This does drag the lips a little more than a liquid formula like the NYX however isn’t a shade I find to be particularly drying with occasional balm between applications, it does, however show flaky bits and so for best results use post scrub.

Do you wear brown lipstick?

There’s no denying Highlight is having a moment, and having been a fan of the shimmery stuff since I first got into makeup I’m more excited than a child at Christmas about the copious amounts of new releases surrounding my favourite face product.

I’m not one for a subtle glow, I’m more the shine like a beacon hope you can see my disco face from several miles away type and I’m not even ashamed of it. If I could, I would dip my entire face in highlight every morning, but that would defeat the object, so I refrain.

Today’s post is to share with you four of my current favourites, and boy was it a tough decision. I had a good rummage through my collection and daydreamed about what would fill the (very small) spaces in the drawers, and after much distraction, I picked out these four.

From left to right in the above image.

Topshop Powder Highlight in Crescent Moon (£10, Topshop) – This comes and goes out of the core collection, at the moment it’s not online but I have spied it in a few stores. It’s slightly rose gold in tone but a tad more peach than rose and on the skin its a beautiful glowy shimmer, as opposed to some of my glittery offerings. The formula of this one is an absolute dream; it’s so soft and buttery and goes onto the skin as if it’s a cream. OH it might just be my favourite.

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle (£24 , MAC UK)– This is a bit of a cult classic as highlighters go, and is one I’m sure 99% of bloggers own. This is a soft focus shimmer product which offers a subtle (ish) sheen with one swipe but can be built up to something quite spectacular. This looks best applied with a fan brush and I personally love it over a cream highlight for maximum impact.

Topshop Chameleon Highlight in Mother of Pearl (£12.50, Topshop) – This one is definitely the most out there in my collection, and the one I wear when I’m feeling particularly brave. I like this with matte eyes and lips so that it’s the only sheeny shiny bit on my face and really stands out. It’s a duo-chrome effect combining magenta and orange and I can imagine it would look amazing on all skin tones. If you’re into highlight, you NEED this.

MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl (£16, MAC UK) – This is another cult product for bloggers, and one which is suitable for highlight noobs or those who do prefer a subtle look. It’s also great for layering to make powders pop. I like this with a super dewy skin look, where it looks fresh and healthy without a shimmer in sight.